A Valencian girl elaborates jewelry and sells them to buy a bionic hand

Ana María Ortiz is a 14 -year -old Valencian ado.

The young woman, whom everyone calls Anita, explains to Efe that she has as something "very natural" not having a hand - of fact assures that sometimes he does not remember it - and that he wants to put a bionic hand when he finishesdevelop because he has back pain and uneven hip.

The idea of this initiative arose in September, when talking to his mother, it occurred to him that he could create his own jewels and sell them in order to pay a bionic prosthesis that, he explains, costs "60.000 euros up ".

It offers its products on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram under the brand 'But how beautiful you are', a name that has recovered from a line that its mother had, who created jewelry when she was born but then closed it, as a way to "continue with his legacy".

But how beautiful you are

Una niña valenciana elabora joyas y las vende para comprarse una mano biónica

Only on Instagram, the social network with which she is most handled and where she sometimes makes model of her bracelets, pending or hanging rings, has more than 7.700 followers.

Anita recounts from the table-workshop that has installed in the living room of her house that everything she obtains from the sale of these "jewels made with one hand" keeps it for the bionic prosthesis, and is "very happy" with the answer with the answerwho has obtained, because he confesses that he did not think that people would "empathize so much" with her.

Messages like "fighter mood", "how beautiful" or "I will help you" that he receives when he exposes his creations in social networks, they want to continue with his project, that although he is "little by little" he is getting a support thatensures that it was not expected.

The young Valenciana indicates that she does not have the account of the exact money she has achieved so far for this "work" she likes, although she requires "much patience" and "a lot of time", and explains that he is always thinking ofthe colors or in the combinations that can for your jewels, even when you are sleeping.

"I am not inspired by anything, they arise like this" the designs, says Anita, who on her Instagram account ensures that she will "give everything" to achieve a purpose that has led him to take the reins of his own business and in thethat all your effort will turn.