Why are the red lips for girlfriends

It is no secret that the current brides, compared to the girls who married a few years ago, follow the dictates of fashion and dare with cuts or silhouettes that were reserved for the guests."Now the girlfriends follow fashion and trends, have a fashion culture that there was not before," confirmed designer Rosa Clará in an interview with Hola.com.Something that, in addition to translating dresses that, although simple, have details that make them special, influences the choice of accessories and makeup.If until now we were clear that the natural look was the most flattering for brides, designers and social networks seem to indicate that it is not always the case.And it is that the red lips are also suitable for the big day.

Lip bars are one of the best -selling cosmetics worldwide.Also in Spain.In our country, red with matte finish is, according to data from a survey by perfume's club, the preferred 55.9% of women.Compared to 26.4% who prefer pink and 17.7% who opt for nude.Taking into account that 67% of those who responded to the survey ensure that the lipstick is essential in its makeup routine, we could conclude that a good part of the Spanish colors their lips red daily.So, if designers advise brides who do not betray their style on the big day, should the same happen to makeup?"It is very important not to be disguised, you have to try to be the most faithful to oneself.The years pass, let's see the photos of our wedding and we feel identified.I think that your wedding day is the one that will continue the most of yourself, "explains Yael Mas, Make Up Artist specialized in brides and in charge of the makeup of María Pombo - also that of her link -."Red is easy to carry.If it's your style and favor you, go ahead!But you have to find the right bar, that you do not dry your lip, that is not run ... ", says Goyo Acevedo, one of the most wanted makeup artists by the Spanish brides.

Red lips, the opinion of experts

"I think a natural makeup will always be a safe bet.Luminous skin, highlighting the most beautiful features of the bride.Although it is also true that today's girlfriends seek to give their look a sophisticated touch, "Yael explains.The makeup artist ensures that brides are increasing."In any case, it would avoid red and oranges that throw brown, that could cause a yellowish effect on the teeth.I have to say the same of the matt and long -term lipsticks: in general they cu.The trend is to break with the conventional and risk a little more, "says the expert.And adds."Personally red on my lips I really like.I think he brings joy to the face while giving him a vintage and sexy touch ".

Por qué los labios rojos sí son para las novias

Goyo, meanwhile, ensures that he is not very supportive of this trend."I am not very fan of the red lip for the wedding day, except if in your day to day you usually take it.I usually work the eye.Apart, a girlfriend does not have to be aware of whether she has her lip well or not, if she has run, she has lost color ... she has to enjoy, that for that she has hired a professional.The eyes, however, when they are well made up perfectly with tears and emotions, "says the makeup artist.

What both agree is that, if they are going to wear their lips of a striking color, they must be well worked so that the result is perfect."It is very important to exfoliate and hydrate the lip the day before, so we will achieve that juicy and healthy effect.Another of the steps I recommend is to profile and fill the lip with a pencil to reinforce the bar chosen by the bride ".Goyo points out that to create a beautiful and fleshy effect, it is best to choose a lipstick that does not have much shine, but that is not completely matte either.

Other tips to be radiant on day B

Goyo says, just as designers, that makeup must respect the style of the bride, your personality must be seen.Then the fundamental thing is not to fall into beginner errors."The error of many girlfriends is wanting to go too more brunette on their wedding day.They do not take into account that a pure white dress rises the tone, for the light that gives to the face.It has ever happened to me that they have asked me to raise Moreno's tone, but I always tell them to look first, to see how they look ".Yael, meanwhile, believes that avoiding abusing contouring is fundamental."I always try to highlight the natural features of the bride, although that is something very personal," he says.

What if the lips stand out, also the eyes?"The beautiful thing about makeup is that it has no standards, it is very personal and depends on several things, such as the time of the link, the location (field, beach, city) but, above all, the style and personality of eachfiancee.In any case, I am of the opinion of just highlighting one thing, or you highlight eyes, or you highlight lips, "explains Yael.

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