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MEXICO.- Hundreds of makeup-producing companies test animals for irritation, skin sensitivity, and toxicity, among other things, causing them pain, suffering, and even death.

For this reason, in different parts of the world some brands have chosen not to carry out their tests on animals.

In Mexico, the Official Standard NOM-062-ZOO-199, implemented since 2001, establishes specifications for the production, care and use of laboratory animals; however, it is not respected and the torture of animals is still allowed.

Despite this, there are brands that are free of animal cruelty (known as cruelty free.)

What does a cruelty-free product consist of?

According to the Beauty Free page, a cruelty-free product has to have these five points.

Cruelty free brands

Which makeup brands are free of animal abuse? - Image Zacatecas logo zacatecas

Here we present the most common ones that you can access in Mexico; The best thing is that some are very cheap.

1.- Bissu

The Bissú brand is one of the favorites of Mexican women, in addition to the fact that its products are very accessible and it is a 100% Mexican company.


2.- ELF

Another of the brands also recognized in Mexico is ELF, it has very affordable prices and you can find it in different places, such as Sanborns and Walmart.


3.- EOS

Recently the EOS brand became popular for its lip products, which are not that expensive, you can find them anywhere and best of all, they are free of animal cruelty.


4.- Yuya by Republic Cosmetic

As you read it, the Mexican Youtuber has a very Mexican and cruelty-free makeup collection on the market.


5.- Pai Pai

Pai Pai is a Mexican brand that has colorful designs, it was created in 2013.

This is a 100% cruelty-free brand, its main ingredients are mango butter and natural waxes.


6.- Nix

This brand started in Los Angeles, California, but it is very easy to get and at very affordable prices.


7.- Anastacia BH

The Anastasia Beverly Hills brand has a range of vegan and cruelty-free products.


8.- Urban decay

The brand, in addition to not using its products on animals, is also vegan and best of all, it has one of the widest color selections.

As an extra point, their packaging is ecological.


Brands that test on animals

As a tip, we leave you some of the brands that do test on animals.