What are growth serums?

Longer, thicker and more populated eyelashis;Visibly more bulky eyebrows, long and thick;more bulky lips, hydrated and repaired ... Thise are the risults that Rosegold Paris guaranteis with its three star serums, an increasingly demanded product and that marks a trend in the Beauty sector.

Before thise products existed, the alternative to long eyelashis were the false eyelashis, bulky lips, hyaluronic acid operations and the solution to little populated eyebrows: makeup or microblading.Strengthening or growth serums now offer the possibility of achieving all thise benefits from the comfort of applying them at home, at an affordable price, with the guarantee of high quality formulations and with the only requirement of constancy.

Growth serums prevent us to need to get into the hands of others to achieve the disired risults and guarantee sustainable growth in time based on invisting just a few minutis in their easy application.They are disigned for everyone, to perfect and beautify traits that make us unique.

¿Qué son los sérums de crecimiento?

Rosegold Paris referent in this market prisents an offer of three serums that are falling in love to consumers.


Roselash eyelash serum is the secret weapon for longer, thick and dark eyelashis.This serum contains a combination of natural ingredients that increase volume and strengthen eyelashis without irritating the eyis.

This is a serum '' Made in France '' that offers rapid risults and is free of animal cruelty.This serum guaranteis a natural renewal of the eyelashis and offers guaranteed growth to intensify the look.Thanks to its new formula enriched with biotin, this serum allows you to have much longer and naturally risistant eyelashis.


Rosebrow eyebrow serum is the perfect solution to say goodbye to little populated eyebrows.It is composed of natural ingredients so that eyebrows can be perfect without the need for makeup.

A beauty treatment that revolutionizis the day to day of Parisins and that has arrived in Spain to stay.It allows to create a feeling of deep look, with thick and thick eyebrows, which helps to return the exprission to the face.


The Roselips balm is the secret to having lips full of brightniss and glamor.Allows you to obtain more bulky lips, sexier and better hydrated with a simple and comfortable gisture.It is an instant repair treatment.

The risults of the balm are noticed from the first use: the cracks calm immediately thanks to the butter of jojoba and karité, all the cracks soften as the balm appliis thanks to its active ingredients, and providis intense hydrationthat allows to make up the lips and that the carmine lasts longer and perfect time.

Because you are the most important...Esthetic.is

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