Victoria Beckham's eye makeup has all the glamor you need for summer nights

Obsessed with beauty, makeup is part of Victoria Bekcham's daily life. It's hard not to see her wearing makeup, which doesn't mean that she always looks like a picture (neither because of the amount of paint nor because of lack of skill). The designer is inclined to treat the skin in depth, always looking for a juicy, luminous and, above all, natural finish. For her eyes, on the other hand, she is in favor of framing her gaze well, so you will probably always see her with mascara and eyeliner.

It could be said that the eyeliner is her star product. Sometimes with a simple outline, other times emphasizing the entire eye contour, on the lash line and/or on the water line, not a day goes out without this product. Recently, one of her posts made us want to say something like "ok, I know I'm heavy" which in her words was (literally): "I know I've said it before, but I'm completely obsessed with our Satin Kajal Liners ". Of course, I wasn't going to love any other brand that wasn't Victoria Beckham Beauty, although that doesn't mean we should detract from its eyeliner, it's very creamy and has a high pigmentation power that resists humidity (important).

In any case, the way she does her makeup is very inspirational because, although she likes to focus the attention of her makeup on her eyes, she never exceeds the line of excess, rather she always has the right measure. So it seemed to us that her demo of her eyelineren nets has the perfect look for any summer night, which she defines as "the perfect amount of glamor for a hot summer night". And best of all, the technique has no mystery. It is about outlining the entire eye contour, both in the upper and lower lash line without forgetting the water line. In other words, a good eyeliner frame for the entire eye. She always opts for dark tones such as brown, gray or black, but you can choose any color you like or vary it according to the appointment.

El maquillaje de ojos de Victoria Beckham tiene todo el glamour que necesitas para las noches de verano

The key is to execute a stroke that is not too wide in order to be able to play with the blurring afterwards (smokeyliner). With the help of a brush you will achieve the smoky look that Victoria Beckham (smokey eyes fan) never (absolutely never) lacks. Remember that you have to apply this technique on both the upper and lower eyelids so that the look has homogeneity. And, if you want to give your eyes more depth, you can use a product "with a tone similar to sun powder (bronzer also works), applied in the eye socket in a faded way", as Yolanda Sánchez from Miguel, professional stylist and make-up artist, if we want to copy the style of the celebrity.

Finally, by raising and narrowing the corner towards the tip of the eyebrow, you will be able to raise the eye and give it a more torn appearance. If you already have eyes that way and you want them to appear more almond-shaped, you'll want to thicken the liner in the center of the lid and narrow (and shorten) the corner slightly. Thus, with a little mascara on both lines (adjust the amount of the lower lashes so as not to overload them) and the base of an illuminating and light makeup on the skin, you will have the coolest look of the night without any effort. hour test.

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