This is the most wanted eyelashes on the Internet in 2021 (and Top Sales at Amazon)

We all want long, thick and natural eyelashes, which is why the most wanted beauty product on the Internet in 2021 is a mask of eyelashes does not surprise anything to us.

The best way to get a Foxy Eyes look is naturally betting on lengthening the look with dense eyelashes, you can do it like Vicky Martín Berrocal and bet on extensive extension eyelashes or help you with a mask of eyelashes.If you are one of those who opt for the second option you will always go to the search for new masks that leave you impact eyelashes.Sometimes the mouth to ear makes the popularity of a product rise like the foam and this is what has happened during 2021 with the Sensational Sensational mask of Maybelline.


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Esta es la máscara de pestañas más buscada en Internet en 2021 (y TOP ventas en Amazon)

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With Google's search data, the Tajmeeli portal has analyzed what the 160 most wanted beauty products of almost 30 brands have been.The results show that Clinique tied in third place with Smashbox and Mac Cosmetics.But, if we talk about specific products, the first place is held by Maybelline's sensational eyelashes, a mask that offers a limit length and a redefined volume, without lumps.Why is it so unique?Thanks to its infused formula with bamboo extract and its flexible conical brush that allows you to reach all your eyelashes

In Amazon it accumulates more than 3000 valuations and more than 60% of the users gives the Sensational Lash because it captures and displays all the eyelashes.For many users it is the best thanks to its bristles, the fan brush takes over each of the eyelashes, even the smallest, and displays them without appealing them.From the firm they explain that, to get the most out of this eyelashes, you will only have to place the brush at the root of the eyelashes and before reaching the tip of the eyelashes, turn the brush.

Maybelline New York, Mascara Volume and Length, Sensational Sky High, (9.95 euros).