These are the true beauty influencers

When MySpace pages gave way to blogs, back in 2000, the ‘influencers’ generated content based on their ‘looks’ of clothing and little else.But with the rise of social networks and the 'boom' of beauty, the makeup tutorials, the ‘hauls’ and, of course, the recommendations of cosmetic products also appeared.In the same way in which you would not let yourself be operated by someone who was not a doctor, would you take a risk to destroy your skin for following the advice of a person without training?Well it seems that this is usual.Luckily, in recent years the true beauty experts have taken the networks to disseminate truthful and reliable information.These are pharmacists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, chemicals and other expert professionals in this field.Come on, those who really know.Through their YouTube channels and Instagram accounts respond to the doubts of their followers, they report on topics of interest and give practical advice so you can get the best to the products you have at home.If you still do not follow these eight beauty gurus, give the ‘follow’ now!

Arturo Álvarez-Bautista

Who is it?Arturo has a degree in Chemistry-Physics from the University of the Basque Country and has a Master in Biomedicine and Dermocosmetic Formulation.In addition, he has just been appointed scientific director of the SVR firm and has its own cosmetics line, called DR.Arthouro Alba.In his Instagram profile (@arthourosalba) he talks about products, ingredients and routines.

What do you know more?The ingredients and formulation are theirs, so we have not been able to resist asking about their favorite components."Parents are supposed to want all children equally,".Why?Because it reaffirms, tense and prevents glycation.As in everything, there are scientific studies that demonstrate their effectiveness and others that are not so.I have studied it at the cellular level, in epithelial tissue, and it works.It's cheap and effective, people notice.That is the best study that exists: the consumer.But I must admit that the results of a good retinol, well scheduled and in a complete routine, are outstanding ».When we ask you to recommend three products, this is your answer: “A specific antioxidant adapted to your skin type.A sunscreen that goes a little further and manages to treat the problem of the skin and, above all, a 'retexturizer' nocturnal, either a Aha, a retinoid or an enzymatic ”.

Why do we trust him?His formation and experience are already enough to put us in his hands without hesitation.In addition, it is behind some cosmetics of brands that we love, like Bluevert.

His motto: “The skin is the suit that you are going to take your whole life, take care of it.Cosmetology is the science that gives life to the years ".


Who is it?This American dermatologist, which happens in New York, became viral thanks to her #pillowtalkerm of her, a series of Instagram videos in which she responds to her doubts from her from the bed and in pajamas.The reactions of her husband, who is usually in the room, represent our boyfriends.You can follow it on Instagram (@shereeneidriss) or on its YouTube channel, where it explains how vitamin C or retinol operates, tells its tricks to combat hair loss or reacts to videos in which celebrities talk about ‘skincare’.His sense of humor accompanies each of his entries, so it is not difficult to get hooked on his channel.

What do you know more?Of any cutaneous and capillary problem, care and ingredients that work.He is also an expert in laser treatments, botox, hyaluronic acid and any procedure you can imagine."Both in my consultation and in social networks, most of the doubts that patients are about are about hyperpigmentation and melasma," explains the doctor.

Why do we trust her?He has no hair on his tongue to give his honest opinion about brands and products.In recent months he has been very critical with Gwyneth Paltrow to promote cosmetics ‘Clean’.˝The great lie of the beauty industry is that ‘Clean’ products are better.It is a pure marketing strategy and there is no scientific basis or clinical data that demonstrates it ”, denounces.

Estos son los verdaderos influencers de belleza

His motto: “Your beauty routine should focus on the needs of the skin, not on the fashions of the moment.And as for cosmetics: teach me the data and science behind a product to be able to trust ”.

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Adeline Kikam - Brown Skin Derm

Who is it?If you follow her on Instagram you will know her as Brown Skin Derm (@brownskinderm), but her real name is Adeline Kikam.

What do you know more?As she indicates her in the social network, Dr. Kikam is a dermatologist whose work focuses on black skins.“Many of my followers are women of color: black, Latin and Asian from the whole world who suffer hyperpigmentation.Therefore, I receive many questions about how to improve this type of problem, ”says the doctor.Ah, and his favorite ingredient is also retinol.

Why do we trust her?She has extensive experience as a dermatologist and is part of the American Dermatology Academy.We love their product recommendations.

His motto: “A fundamental part of my beauty routine is rest.The dream is very important, because it is the time when your cells regenerate thanks to the ingredients of your facial routine ”.

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Héctor Núñez - Cosmetocritic

Who is it?Behind the @cosmetocritical account is Héctor Núñez, a pharmacist specializing in cosmetics and dermopharmacy.In your profile you will find an answer to all your questions: do the exfoliants spoil my tattoos?What to do if your facial cleaner drings you?How to establish a basic routine?And what is better, Héctor combines all this information with memes, songs and videos of Aramis Fuster (with this he has already won) to give a touch of humor to the matter.A fantasy.

What do you know more?Everything that has to do with products, ingredients and routines.Thanks to him we have discovered that it is not necessary.

Why do we trust him?Because he knows what he's talking about (and also speaks the same language as us, 'millennials'), often recommends 'low cost' products and routines for 'cheap queens' who want to take care of their skin without ruining and, what ismost important, their advice facilitates life."In cosmetics, but it is not synonymous with better.A well structured routine with few products can do more for your skin than a routine with ten.For two reasons, first adhesion: a simple routine is easier to meet.Then there is the ‘wave under tile’ effect, as I like calling it: cosmetics are creating layers that end by making it difficult for the ingredients of a cosmetic to penetrate to exercise their function.In the end he is putting impediments to the last product to penetrate.In my case I am a supporter of two or three products not clarified at most, "says Héctor.

His motto: "Report to burst".If you are not familiar with the 'slang' of his account, we leave you his particular definition of this 'word': “Reportpollar is my scoundrel version of the term repulp, a word that reminds me of what I do not like in the orange juiceAnd that is too cheesy, ”he says.

Ana Molina

Who is it?Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, she specializes in medical-surgical dermatology and venerology.She is also a teacher and disseminator, and has a "podcast" called ‘from skin to head’ that he shares with his sister, the psychiatrist Rosa Molina.Your Instagram account (@Dr.Anamolina) is the best option to know how to take care of your skin properly and which of the new fashions that arise in the beauty universe are dangerous.

What do you know more?Allergies, skin pathologies, routines, ingredients ... Dr. Molina answers all your questions.“Most of the doubts I receive on social networks are related to dermocosmetic.It is the topic that generates more interest, debate and questions.Men and women want to know what the right beauty routine is for their age or status of the skin and what products can or should use, ”he explains.

Why do we trust her?Her work as a disseminator has saved us from more than one "beauty" and has helped us understand how our skin works.It has a gift to disassemble viral bulos even before they reach us.

His motto: "My beauty motto has always been and will be the same" less is more ".It is better to bet on a simple skin care routine, which includes the 3 basic pillars: cleaning, photoprotection and hydration, so that we can fulfill it, and flee exaggerated, unnecessary or performed aesthetic procedures at very early ages.It is important to understand that when we contemplate beautiful skin, we are contemplating healthy skin.That is why we must bet on preventive health care of our skin much before other aesthetic procedures such as botulinum toxin, fillings, etc ".

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Gema Herrerías

Who is it?If you still do not follow Gema Herrerías (@gemaherrerias), we don't know what you are waiting for.Gema is a pharmacist and has its own pharmacy in Seville (@a5farmacia).It is also the founder of the firm GH (@ghgemaherrerias), whose products have become great basics of our bag.

What do you know more?His is dermopharmacy, so he controls everything related to products to take care of the skin of the face and body.That is why we have not been able to resist asking him about the perfect routine.“In the morning, the skin must protect themselves from the exhibition factors and now even from rubbing with the mask, so it is enough to use antioxidants, hydrate and protect yourself from the sun.At night the skin focuses on its regenerative and repairing process, and it is the ideal time to apply the most irritating intensive action treatments, such as retinoids or hydroxyacids.If it is not dehydrated or not dry, at night a multifunction cosmetic product can be enough, ”says Gema.

Why do we trust her?For making statements like this: "Users seek skin health information on the network, hence our presence is necessary, to provide rigor and veracity to so many false bulos.Access without control to so much information has created misinformation and in some cases it is negative.In addition, this information should not replace the consultation with professionals.There are many people who can consider themselves experts in a subject just because they have visualized videos on the network, ”says Gema.Nothing but add.

His motto: "The natural is not intrinsically safer and the greatest cost of a cosmetic is not always in relation to its greater effectiveness," he says.

Chemist Confessions

Who are they?Behind the @Chemist account.Confessions are Victoria and Gloria, two chemicals passionate about beauty.After many years creating cosmetics for other brands, they decided to launch their own firm of simple and very effective products.They have just published a book entitled ‘Skincare Decode’ with practical advice and concepts to understand the world of cosmetics.

What do you know more?Formulas and ingredients are their specialty.In your Instagram account they will teach you to read the labels, to know in depth ingredients such as vitamin E and choose the best product for your skin.

Why do we trust them?They are not influenced by brands or trends: if they are going to recommend a product, they focus on their components and their quality.In addition, they are able to explain scientific concepts in a simple way so that those that we never approve science.(PSST ... The encapsulated retinol is Victoria's favorite ingredient).

His motto: “There are many false myths circulating through the networks.One that saddens us is that mineral oil and petroleuminity (or oil) are comedogenic and carcinogens.It is simply not true.They are very good occlusive ingredients that can help you protect your skin, seal hydration and not obstruct pores, ”defends Victoria.

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Immaculate Canterla - Cosmeceutical Center

Who is it?Immaculate Canterla has a degree in Pharmacy, a specialist in dermocosmetic, nutrition and dietary, and antiaging medicine.She is currently the director of Cosmeceutical Center (@cosmeceuticallcentr).

What do you know more?For your training and professional experience you can answer practically all our beauty questions: from cosmetics to procedures, through food and the best ingredients to include in facial routine.This complete vision makes it a reference in the sector.For her, in beauty less is more.“Fashions appear, such as the 14 steps of the Korean routine, which have no validity.For example, for the most reactive and sensitive skins, such as those with rosacea, how much less steps the better.Few products but functional than many but poorly formulated and lacking content, ”he advises.

Why do we trust her?Because on the Instagram of Cosmeceutical Center they usually publish photographs of the before and after their patients, and the results are always natural but very effective.Nothing to abuse the punctures or leave their customers with the face of a Bratz doll, and that gives us confidence.

Its motto: "Qualified advice and specialized health personnel are the best work tool to take care of the skin".

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