'The tale of the maid' (Season 4): What happens in all chapters?

    That end of season 3 left us breathless and with a vital need to know what would happen with June (if you don't remember everything that happened well, we leave you a summary of the third to refresh).His future remained in the air, but we have more and more details about his destiny, because season 4 of 'The Tale of the maid' is already in his Ecuador.Before its premiere, we had any novelty.In fact, Elisabeth Moss, its protagonist, offered some clues about the plot."We don't want to continue doing the same.You can't keep June in this place where they torture her all the time.He is boring, "said the actress in an interview with The Times.If you go delay compared to previous deliveries, remember that they are also available on Amazon Prime Video.

    The interpreter did not want to count much more, but he did answer the question about whether her character will have a happy ending: "It depends on what you consider happy".Impossible to draw some conclusion before this statement that gives rise to multiple interpretations.In the first trailer it is already clear that nothing will be easy.As leader of the rebels will seek justice, but also revenge...

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    'The tale of the maid': What will happen in the premiere chapters of season 4?

    Jasper Savage

    As we anticipated, this batch reached HBO with three premiere chapters of which we tell you what happened.The plot started with a injured June and the maids who have escaped are safe on a farm.There, a young woman takes care of June and is recovering her position as a leader among women.Meanwhile, in Gilead, Lawrence tries to avoid his death sentence and Aunt Lydia is in a squeeze after children.The Waterfords, who are detained in Toronto, are connoisseurs of June's feat.This, on the other hand, an idea a revenge against the Jezeabels, before preparing their exit towards a safer place.Moira must face the decisions that June and Serena and Fred have made are witnesses of a miracle.In the third episode, things are complicated for our heroine that is captured and subject to a hard interrogation by Aunt Lydia.In parallel, Nick and Lawrence collaborate to protect her and, in Canada, Luke also seeks the way to help her.

    The fourth episode let us recover our breath after the savagery of the previous ones.After several maids were rolled by a train, June and Janine decide.They need to flee and the first believes that traveling to Chicago, in the middle of the war, is their best option, so they manage to get on a train and escape hidden in a milk tank.During the time they remain wet and locked up, they give us conversations in which June's betrayal is put on the table to save his daughter, and one of the key moments of this chapter.Through 'flashbacks' we know details about Janine's past, how in his past life he decided to abort, after his first pregnancy, and the dilemma that meant making that decision.

    Meanwhile, Serena meets Rita to tell him that a child expects, something that both consider a miracle.We will see if this fact serves Waterford to change his course.In parallel, June and Janine reach an old factory with an armed group and they are forced to live a denigrating situation to get clothes and food.The plot ends with the firm decision to get out of that place and the sad look of June.


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    As you will remember, Janine and June is in the refuge of the resistance led by Steven and it seems that the first begins to feel something for this, even the idea of being a mother is raised, while his partner looks at her with amazement.In chapter 5 they arrive at the destination raised, Chicago, and there a war without truce is fought, so, after avoiding the soldiers, they return to the shelter, although for a short time...

    Meanwhile, Aunt Lydia faces his worst moment.After what happened with the maids, he is separated from his functions, but he will not stay still, because he will launch a master play by blackmailing the commander Lawrence.This, on the other hand, requests a high -fire at the complicity of Nick that does not cease in his efforts to find June.

    The latter decides that in the shelter they have no future and decides to leave without Janine.The farewell of both leaves us with a feeling of great sadness until it decides to go after it and at that time we attend at the peak of the chapter.The two walk through a shattered chicago when a bomb falls.The next image is unharmed June, but we don't know what has happened with the other maid.However, the appearance of Moira, through the smoke cloud, leaves us with a thread of hope.Will they get out of that situation?Will Janine dead?


    In chapters 6 of 'The Tale of the maid', June aroused stunned and is not able to recognize Moira.His only concern is to look for Janine.However, things are very ugly in Chicago, she is injured and they have to get out of there.After many doubts, Moira manages to convince her to get on the ship that will take them to Canada.Meanwhile, we attend several 'flashbacks' that transfer us to the time they both shared a house, until June decides to go to live with Luke.

    On board the ship that will take it to a safe place, an emergency meeting between the NGO crew, after discovering that Gilead's great enemy is inside is inside.Before arriving at Puerto, an inspection will have to pass and the presence of this could throw all their work on land, so they consider delivering it to the authorities.However, in the end, they decide to take risks and manage.There will be one of the most anticipated encounters, that of the protagonist with her husband.Undoubtedly, chapter 6 is one of the most emotional so far, but leaves a lot of unknowns in the air for the future.


    After a start of the heartbreaking season, finally, June sees the light when he arrives in Canada in Chapter 7.It is not easy to leave the past behind and get used to a life away from Gilead's barbarities.In fact, during the first moments of chapter seven we see June lost, traumatized, until little by little she begins to be.Get ready because if you got excited in the previous episode, in this you are going to cry a tear alive when you see her hug the little Nicole.But it is not the only wonderful moment, we attend a meeting with her friends and a tremendous conversation with Luke in which she blames what happened.Luckily, everything is fine among them and the only thing missing is having Hannah nearby.

    June is safe in this country he has asked for asylum, but things must be complicated and surely Serena and Fred will do everything possible to make it.In fact, this is very angry after an encounter with the maid in which he expresses his hatred and denies forgiveness.After a long time, the images of this new installment are more luminous, colorful and beautiful.Will the protagonist stand up or will he need to reverse?That is the great unknown.


    In every season there is a 'valley' moment and it seems that this arrived in the eighth chapter of the fourth installment.June begins meetings with the rest of the maids to talk about their experiences and shows up contrary by not noticing more anger in them.Meanwhile, its relationship with Luke goes through different states.Her husband does not finish understanding her, she is very changed, but it shows that there is love between them.

    June prepares to declare in front of the Waterford before the expected trial.In court he tells how his life was at home, the violations and abuse to which he was submitted and asks to be sentenced with the maximum penalty.However, marriage prepares to get unscathed from the situation and receives the support of its followers.On the other hand, we discover that Janine is alive and prey again in Gilead.


    Recover Hannah is the main objective of June and Luke.To do this, they plan a series of negotiations in Chapter 9.This decides to call commander Lawrence and, although man is hard and even offers an impossible treatment to accept, we are aware that in the background he is suffering for not being able to help the escaped.The next step is Nick.Her husband raises an encounter with this and, although she does not like the idea, she thinks she is the only one who can help them.

    Osborne is with Nick in a separated and safe place and takes Nicole with her.Your meeting is the best of chapter.It is important to look at the lights, as the couple is a shadow surrounded by light, a perfect metaphor to define their relationship.There is no doubt that there is a deep love between them and this is willing to help her, although he warns him to get Hannah almost impossible, but, despite everything, he offers a folder with all the information he has collected about her.However, the great moment of that appointment comes when they say goodbye and he draws a married ring out of pocket.We need to know more about this, since when is it united in marriage?

    June returns home and there finds Fred that Fred has made a deal with the Canadian government: Gilead information in exchange for his freedom, something that enrages the protagonist who promises a great revenge that will be consummated in the last episode.

    What happened in Chapter 10 of 'The Tale of the maid?

    We reach the last episode with the hope that June will find peace and in a way he achieves it, but we do not know if for a long time.She is clear about her goal: to end Fred and will not rest until.The outcome of the 4th season of 'The Tale of the maid' is possibly one of the best.Starts with pause, with the hatred of the increasing protagonist.The commander thinks that he can escape and live a new life with Serena, but a turn of events will end up in a forest at the doors of Gilead.

    Osborne makes a deal with Lawrence: he will deliver it in exchange for the release of several women.Nick takes care that he never reaches his home and puts it on a tray to his maid.This, along with others, be close to him until he ends his life.We check it when we see it hanging from the wall.This closes a cycle in which June has consummated his expected revenge.What will happen from now on?We will see it in season 5.

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