The 45 Best Foundations of All Time

It has been hard for all of us to find the key but when you do, you have half of your beauty look done. And for this reason, it never hurts to remember what are the best tips to choose the makeup base of your dreams. In addition, to help you in the task, below we will also tell you which are currently the 45 best makeup bases with which to locate your better half.

What should be taken into account when choosing a foundation?

Take note!

- You should try it on the neck area, not on the hand. The skin tone will be more similar to your face. You can also choose the tone of the foundation without trying it on, but whenever you can, do the neck test.

- A good foundation matters. And no, we are not referring to the makeup base, but to the skin. Work it previously with primers and moisturizers that unify, illuminate and prepare it to receive the subsequent makeup.

- Choose a foundation that is one shade (or less) darker than your natural shade for a more tanned look and good-looking effect.

Top 45 Foundations of All the times

- Think about whether you want medium or high coverage. The result can condition your purchase. A medium coverage will be ideal if you want to go natural with little makeup for every day. High coverage is perfect for big occasions.

- Evaluate if you want a make-up base, or one of the best BB creams on the market or a CC cream, that is, the make-up funds with treatment.

- Think about whether you want your foundation with or without SPF.

- Keep in mind the keys to apply the makeup base well. This means having a brush and sponge on hand. The denser ones will blend better into the skin with light touches from the sponge, although when it comes to spreading it, the brush is a 'must have'. If they are light, with the fingers they will work great.

In the selection of makeup bases that we present below, you will find the best on the market (and the most up-to-date). Like Clinique's new foundation, which in addition to being a foundation is a treatment serum (because makeup is no longer just makeup), the latest from Fenty Beauty or the foundation version of the famous permanent lipsticks from Revlon.

But you'll also find treasures to watch out for, like Lancôme's classic Teint Idole Ultra Wear, a favorite; one of Charlotte Tilbury's makeup bases, "Hollywood face" effect, one of the most sought after; or the Dior backstage foundation. All of them stand out for their ease of application, for their coverage and for all the extras they carry: treatment, fluidity, lightness... Without a doubt, the most famous on the market, concentrated in one place.

That said, it's time to choose!