Ten Amazon cosmetics (for less than 15 euros) for the return to school

The arrival of September is a series of drastic changes in our routine.It could be said that the first day after the return on vacation is the real start of the year: new purposes for the new course, change of wardrobe and, of course, change of bags with products adapted to the new needs of our skin.Our face still retains the tan effect of summer, but the return to the office implies forgetting all those products that have accompanied us during the summer and resume our Beauty routine.

Those who use makeup on a day -to -day basis, look for a light base that hydrated and endures the frantic rhythm of everyday life, an intense lipstick to give a sophisticated touch to any look or a mask of eyelashes that multiply our gaze.In fact, there are those who use the eyelashes as the only makeup element in their day to day, given its enhanced effect.In addition, we need products with extra hydration and cleaners that do not irritate our skin by eliminating makeup.

Diez cosméticos de Amazon (por menos de 15 euros) para la vuelta al cole

Have we already convinced you for that change of needer for the new course?These are our ten essentials with a good -insured face effect.