Telva these are the 8 beauty products that adore influencers on Instagram

Beauty a pencil of eyebrows, a makeup base or a serum to reduce the consequences of the stress on the skin

There are many cosmetics that flood Instagram feed from images.However, not everyone manages to succeed in the same way and make at least 5 influencers recommend it.Yes, we know perfectly that the vast major.We analyze the 10 products that are most successful among the well -known Paula Echevarría, Ratolina or Mery Turiel.

The cosmetic industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, small brands try to make a place between large groups and influencers marketing, the most practical tool to publicize a product.But these increasingly common actions between large and small brands in the world of fashion and beauty do not always reach the desired impact, except these 10 makeup, cleaning and treatment products that you will easily find in the account of any celebrity or influencer.

Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser, Freshly Cosmetics

After the fever for the product we have seen most on social networks in the last year, Golden Radiance Body Oil by Freshly Cosmetics, the cleaner gel that Paula Ordovás or Mery Turiel has already used arrives.It is used to clean and eliminate waste and impurities, contributing to the skin a concentration of plant assets to regulate sebaceous secretion and reduce open pores.Its price is 18 euros.

Advanced Night Repair, Estée Lauder

Telva Estos son los 8 productos de belleza que adoran las influencers en Instagram

The Synchronized Recovery Complex II moon is one of the best -selling firm for its anti -aging action.However, in recent weeks we have been able to see the last launch of the firm among the photos of María Fernández Rubíes.This is the new Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate that performs an intensive treatment in the skins under stress.Its price is 98 euros.

Studio Fix Fluid, Mac

It is the favorite fluid makeup base of Aida Domenech, known as Dulceida and one of the firm's best selling.Its coverage is modulable and has a long -lasting formula that controls excess fat.In addition, it has a protection factor 15.Its price is 34 euros.

I need my brow, benefit

If a few weeks ago the San Francisco brand launched Brow Styler for the eyebrows now Alexandra Pereira reveals what her favorite eyebrow product is.This is the ultra -procurement pencil to define the eyebrows that does not need to make.It is available in 12 tones and has a price of 28.95 euros.

Sérum repairs and protects, Pantene

This repair serum (3.95 euros) has become the star product to take care of Paula Echevarría's hair.And she is not the only one, the firm's ambassador has also positioned himself as one of the faithful to Golden Radiance Body Oil by Freshly Cosmetics.

Micellar water Hydra Life, Dior

One of the addicted to this micellar water in Dior (35.95 euros) for the second step of the double cleaning is Laura Escanes.The influx that already accumulates more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram confessed to use it after the product with which it removes much of its makeup, Take the Day off of Clinique.

Isdinceutics Instant Flash, ISDIN

These immediate lifting effect have become one of the essential steps of the beauty routine of Rocio Osorno, the Sevillian designer who triumphs on Instagram.Its assets rejuvenate the skin of the face with only half applied blisters before makeup.Its price is 16.90 euros at Amazon.

Naked Honey, Urban Decay

There are many beauty prescribers that have already recommended the new Palette of Eye Shadows of Urban Decay and Marta, better known as Ratolina, has been one of them.We talked about Naked Honey, the 12 -tone palette, brown or nude with which you will get the best looks in the autumn winter.It has a price of 52.55 euros.

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