Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner: the new queens of cosmetics

They are rich and famous and, in addition to triumphing with a professional facet linked to the world of art or television, they are now also referring to the business level thanks to their makeup and cosmetics empires.

We talked nothing more and nothing less than celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner, who, after more than a decade by making names and accumulating millions of followers in the world, have decided to use their popularity to explore this multimillionaire andTurn it into yours.

Without going any further, Jenner, the little girl of the Kardashian clan, in recent years has positioned himself as the undisputed reference.Known above all as 'influencer' and star of reality, he has taken advantage of his position and launching his own makeup line (and, then, skin care) and turning it into one of the most profitable in the world.

After selling 51% of Kylie Cosmetics's shares for a whopping 600 million dollars, Kylie Jenner became the celebrity that had kneaded more profits in 2020 ahead of athletes, actors and singers, according to Forbes.

Social networks, their best showcase

Much of the success of all these media figures has to do above all with the phenomenon of viralization and the great showcase that means having 46 million followers on Instagram in the case that less and more than 200 million in the case that most.

Taking all this into account, it is not surprising that today consumers of this type of products choose those brands that identify with faces that admire, always impeccable, and not those that are seen as large corporations with multimillion -dollar entrepreneurs to use behind.

The brands of 'celebrities' that have the most presence today


After founding Haus Laboratories in 2012 to launch its first perfumes and reorient it towards cosmetics in 2019 with the inauguration of the flagship in Las Vegas, the brand of singer Lady Gaga is going to the stern wind.

Much of its success has to do with the message of diversity and inclusion that the artist has always launched and with defending that makeup or cosmetics are for everyone beyond gender, origin, aesthetics or any other label.This line is emerging as an option for everyone.

One of the points by which the artist's brand has loved consumers is that all products are vegan and cruelty-free, so they have not been tested at any time in animals or contain anything other than plant origin.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez y Kylie Jenner: Las nuevas reinas de los cosméticos

Among the best -selling cosmetics of the New York makeup line, especially its popular 'Eyeliner' stands out, available with four use formats and 25 different shades.Its price, although it depends on color and shape, is around 20 euros.

comprar 'eyeliner' en amazon

Also very popular are other options such as palettes with 4 combinable eyes shadows (€ 24), ideal for ultra explosive looks with which to highlight our gaze in times of masks.There are up to 9 sets of different colors to choose from.

comprar sombras en amazon

Highly valued by their clients are also the options for the lips that the protagonist of Ha was born a star in his cosmetics brand.

Among this type of products are both the creamy texture lipsticks and with matte finish, available in 22 different tones (€ 19), and the set of 3 gloss type lipsticks (€ 30), available in 3 color combinations.

comprar lápiz de labios mate en amazon comprar lip gloss en amazon

Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin, by Rihanna

Another name of greater weight in the makeup industry is undoubtedly that of Rihanna, which began in this world in 2017 as the first business adventure with Fenty Beauty.Now it also has a line of skin care products, Fenty Skin.

One of the attractive points and that have most attracted consumers' attention is that Rihanna's is an inclusive and ideal line for anyone, whatever their skin tone.Makeup bases, for example, are available in 46 shades (€ 32.99).

comprar base en sephora

Also for the 'contouting' their products are available in several shades to be able to play with our factions and highlight or hide what we want.Precisely Fenty's three 'sticks' pack (€ 51.99) is one of the best -selling products.

This set includes a light color for the area that we want to accentu.

comprar pack 'contouring' en sephora

On the part of Fenty Skin, the newest skin care line of the Barbados artist, also highlights the facial treatment case in three steps clinically tested and designed to act jointly (€ 35.99).

The first part, the cleaning, eliminates dirt, excess sebum and long -lasting makeup without peeling or drying out.The toning is based on a versatile serum that closes the pores, attenuates the dark spots, illuminates the complexion, smoothes the skin and fights the glitters, all without peeling the epidermis.Finally, to protect and hydrate, Fenty proposes a moisturizing solar protector 2 in 1 light and non -fatty.

comprar pack facial en sephora

Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, by Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian's younger sister is the most prolific celebrity in the world of makeup and beauty.After a great success that catapulted her as a businesswoman when she launched her first lipstick sets and profilers in 2015 with Kylie Cosmetics, she now has all kinds of products and has expanded her horizons.

Since 2019 the 'influencer' and the protagonist of 'realities' has been totally overturned in the creation of a skin care line, available only in Douglas stores in Spain.

Among the best -selling options of this line stands out, for example, this case of four mini products (€ 39.99), ideal to carry out a full care routine.

The set includes a washing foam that helps eliminate dirt, fat and makeup for a fresh and bright complexion, a moisturizer, which hydrates, calms and softens the skin leaving a soft and non -fatty finish;A vitamin Cy serum a tonic that rebalanced the skin.

comprar pack para la piel en douglas

Rare Beauty, by Selena Gomez

The last of the 'Top' celebrities in embarking on this type of business adventures with great success has been the singer and actress Selena Gomez.

Launched last August in the United States, Rare Beauty is a successful sales success for the quality of its products, among which lipsticks, coloring, makeup bases or 'eyeliners' stand out..

Unfortunately for artist fans in Spain, for now you can only buy their cosmetics in the United States, Canada or Mexico.Soon in the rest of the world.

More and more stars join this profitable business model

One of the most recent (and young) artists who have launched to this market taking advantage of the rebuild the great pioneers within celebrities has been the actress known by Stranger Things (Netflix) Millie Bobby Brown.

The young British has launched a brand called Florence by Mills that focuses mainly on a younger audience.In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, something that new generations value much more, the products of their line stand out for being quite accessible to any pocket.

In addition to some makeup bases, concealers and other types of makeup, the interpreter is being very successful with exfoliating masks of facial care (€ 23.95) and gel discs to avoid bags in the eye contour (35.95€), a star product that is in trend this season.

His entire collection can be bought from € 12.95 in Douglas, the only store that currently distributes the collection of the famous actress.


* Updated prices on March 4, 2021

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