Recognized beauty brand uses Israeli artificial intelligence technology to achieve perfect skin

AJN.- The cosmetics company, which is one of the fastest growing brands in the United States, will use Image technology patented by Voyage81, which allows to improve automatic learning capabilities.

Il Makiage was founded in 1972 by Ilana Harkavi, a New York makeup artist.And in June 2017 L Catterton, a French American private capital company based in Greenwich, Connecticut, bought a minority participation for 29 million dollars.

Il Makiage was founded in 1972 by Ilana Harkavi, a New York headquarters in New York.In June 2017, L Catterton, an American-French private capital company based in Greenwich, Connecticut, bought a minority participation in the company for $ 29 million.After the initial investment, Oran Holtzman and Shiran Holtman-Erel.

A year later, Il Makiage announced the official launch of its algorithm called Power Match, which allows you to adapt to the consumer base with more than 90% precision without ever seeing its face.To create the algorithm the brand technology team combined hundreds of thousands of data points and information on 700 combinations of different skin tones.They also created a database that through automatic learning predicts the appropriate correction base.

While continuing with digital disruption, the cosmetics company has taken another step with Voyage81.In the announcement in which the new acquisition stands out, Il Makiage said that ‘‘ The implications of Voyage81 technology for beauty and well -being industries are infinite.’’

From a photo the voyage81 software is able to map and analyze the characteristics of the skin and hair, detect facial blood flows and create melanin and hemoglobin maps.The technology, combined with the current artificial intelligence algorithms of Il Makiage, allows - thanks to the cameras of the cell phones of the users - to provide online pairing capabilities.

Reconocida marca de belleza utiliza tecnología de inteligencia artificial israelí para lograr una piel perfecta

‘‘ The core of what we do is recover spectral information from standard cameras, ’’ says the DR.Boaz Araz, co -founder of Voyage81 that is currently in the Chief Vision Office.And he adds that this allows them ‘‘ to detect materials.’’

With detection they refer to the process in which the material or composition of the same is identified of the same manara that a fingerprint can identify a person.

‘‘ Thanks to detection it is possible to analyze the hemoglobin and melanin content.You can even see the oxidation of blood from an image.And you can trace different properties of the skin and hair to know the status of them.For many companies this is very attractive since so far it could only be done in a laboratory with a dedicated and expensive team, '' adds that '' bringing this to homes, especially with all these changes in telemedicine and experiences of theConsumer in the era of Covid, it became even more important.’’

You can download Voyage81 technology in an existing camera, but the company integrates it into a new camera that allows you to replace typical filters and thus more lights can reach the sensor and improve performance.‘‘ As I understand, we are the only ones who have been doing this, ’said Boaz Araz.

Invest in hyperspectral images:

Voyage81 was founded in 2019 by the CEO NIV PIC, former head of the Elite Technology Unit of the Israel Defense Forces.The other co -founders were dr.Rafi Gidron, a well -known high -tech Israeli entrepreneur, Omer Swhartz, cybersecurity and arad specialist.

At the end of his mastery at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in 2012, Arad contacted the current CEO of the Price and Gidron company.Voyage81 technology was developed based on Arad's doctoral research.

Voyage81 began focusing on the automotive industry, particularly on the use of computer vision to discern the street debris.They succeeded in the implementation of technology, recognizing different shapes, sizes and textures of objects on the street, but Covid 19 caused the company to change course.

‘‘ An automotive company with which we were working approached us and told us that we wanted us to continue doing this, but that to introduce the new technology we would have to wait three years, ’’ explains Arad.‘‘ It was too much for us, so we went to the cellular industry.’’

‘‘ We always seek to see what we could do with the detection of materials and how to take advantage of the information we were collecting.One of the things that arose was well -being and even before meeting Il Makiage, we made a project focused on well -being, with a cell supply that focused on the skin.I think that the detection of materials changed the rules of the game because being possible to recognize the chemical composition of someone's skin, you can do amazing things, ’he said.

The Voyage81 team has also been integrated into Il Makiage's data science capacities and its pairing algorithms, to serve dozens of millions of users and customers of the company.

‘‘ In the last two years we have been looking for solutions that can work in beauty and well -being to advance even more in our existing artificial intelligence capabilities.I met dozens of emerging computers vision companies, but I could not find a technology that would adapt to our industry and be strong enough to achieve our goals, ”said Oran Holtzman, the CEO of Il Makiage.‘Incorporate Voyage81 patented technology and an exceptional team to our science and data departments is a great victory for the future of our company, our users and for the industry in general.’’