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Consulta toda la información actualizada sobre las restricciones de entrada a Japón por la pandemia del coronavirus y qué lugares están abiertos, para cuando se puede volver a viajar.Tiendas de productos japoneses online - Japonismo Icono de búsqueda Icono de búsqueda Icono de búsqueda Tiendas de productos japoneses online - Japonismo Icono de búsqueda Icono de búsqueda Icono de búsqueda

A few years ago, it was impossible to buy Japanese products unless we travel to Japan.But there are currently many online Japanese products stores that these items bring us up to our homes.In fact, many of these can be achieved through our own store on Amazon.

And if you are looking for Kawaii products, check our store, we will add more and more interesting things!

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1Looking for Japanese products on the Internet
2Our store at Amazon
3Japanese food stores and kitchen utensils
3.1Shipping stores to Spain
3.2Shipping stores to Mexico
3.3Shipping stores to Argentina
3.4Shipping stores to everyone
4Decoration stores, crafts, stationery and kawaii things
5Japanese snack and sweet stores
5.1Japanese snack stores in Argentina
6Manga and anime stores
7Japanese fashion stores and beauty/cosmetic
7.1Japanese and cosmetic fashion stores in Spain
7.2Japanese and cosmetic fashion stores in Mexico
7.3Japanese and cosmetic fashion stores in Argentina
8Music stores, movies and entertainment
8.1Stores in Mexico

Looking for Japanese products on the Internet

Day by day we see how many of you enter this post in search of information about online stores.That is why we have decided to update it, adding more stores and organizing information by topics, as you can see in the index.

Tiendas de productos japoneses online - Japonismo Icono de búsqueda Icono de búsqueda Icono de búsqueda

Thus, you can find Japanese food products and kitchen utensils to prepare all the dishes that come out in our recipe section;Japanese snack and sweet stores, one of the last fashions to reach the West;Decoration stores, crafts, stationery and ‘Kawaii things‘ in which to spend money on mills;manga and anime stores, especially thought for fans of Japanese illustration;Japanese fashion stores, which bring us the typical harajuku and Shibuya garments;and martial arts stores, for sports practitioners.

Without more, we leave you with the different lists.We hope you are useful when you make your purchases!

Our store at Amazon

First of all, let us tell you about our integrated store in Amazon.This store uses the infrastructure of the well -known online store, which gives us security.Obviously, everything you buy there helps us maintain living Japanese.You do not pay anymore, and we receive a small commission for each sale.

We currently have the store with several categories of products, from books, kitchen utensils, Japanese food, gift products, photography, travel items such as bags, loaders, etc..And as you read from many places, we have tried to add products that are sent to all the places where you live.If you miss any product or any of those that are not available in your country, tell us.We can add new products to meet your needs.

Japanese food stores and kitchen utensils

One of the most frequent questions we receive when we publish Japanese gastronomy recipes or talk about Japanese food in general is where certain specialized ingredients can be acquired such as flour to prepare dishes made such as okonomiyaki or takoyaki, kits, algae and rice to prepare sushi andSashimi, sauces, katsuoboshi, tofu, frozen as gyoza, etc..

Here you have some of the online stores that exist in which to buy these Japanese ingredients.You no longer have an excuse for cooking any recipe that you propose.

Shipping stores to Spain

Shipping stores to Mexico

Shipping stores to Argentina

Shipping stores to everyone

Decoration stores, crafts, stationery and kawaii things

There are many stores that announce ‘Kawaii products‘, which is a way to encompass a lot of articles of Japanese origin that in principle have nothing to do with each other, just because of their aesthetics.In this section there is a bit of everything, a lot of stores where we can buy varied products of Japanese origin for decoration, crafts or stationery, stuffed animals, etc..

We have been collecting some of the most fun and interesting articles here (and we will continue to do it!), But in these stores there are many more:

Japanese snack and sweet stores

Japanese snacks and sweets are fashionable.So much that there are already many specific pages that bring them, every month, home in "surprise box" format.These boxes are usually relatively cheap and offer us the opportunity to try different snacks and sweets every month.

Do you want to try the Umaibo and you are not going to Japan shortly?Do not worry, there are several services such as Tokyo Treat, Wowbox, Japan Crate or Japan Center.

Japanese snack stores in Argentina

Manga and anime stores

If you want to buy manga, anime or all kinds of related merchandising, from figurines to cosplay items, check the following online stores, many of which make shipments to everyone.

Japanese fashion stores and beauty/cosmetic

Asian fashion and especially Japanese fashion (and Korean) has many fans.Until a few years ago, buying clothes directly from Japan was quite complicated, but it is currently easy to acquire all kinds of items through the Internet.

In this section we include a few stores that specialize in Asian fashion, as well as in accessories, cosmetics and beauty products.

Japanese and cosmetic fashion stores in Spain

Japanese and cosmetic fashion stores in Mexico

Japanese and cosmetic fashion stores in Argentina

Music stores, movies and entertainment

Here are some of the pages we know where to buy CDS, DVDs, Blueray and even Japan magazines.

Stores in Mexico

Entrance originally published on November 9, 2011.Last update: March 15, 2021.

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