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For thousands of years, people have experienced with the healing and rejuvenating effects of various herbs, oils and plants of natural origin.

Over time, some of these techniques have stayed on the road, but others have been validated by scientific studies in recent years, taking many cosmetics and medical spas to incorporate these natural ingredients in their own lines of treatment.

Lamanzanilla, a sunflower family member, has proven to be an effective and anti -inflammatory treatment for the skin, while the Savia of the Aloe Vera plant is frequently used in skin treatments to promote healing and rejuvenation of the skin.

Many modern and popular anti -aging facial cleaners and creams also include skirmish ingredients, karité butter, beeswax, jojoba oil and a true shopping list of other components derived from fruit or "made in nature".

Even a common domestic product, such as honey, one of the best known substances and ready to use nature, is used regularly in treatments destined to protect or rejuvenate damaged skin.

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Not all botanical ingredients have proven to be safer or more effective than their synthetic equivalents, but many consumers are often more willing to experiment with a "natural" product for skin care, and this has led to a boom in theindustry.For this reason, it is always important to talk to a skin care specialist or a dermatologist before starting an organic skin care regime.They can give it a better idea if a supposedly totally natural cream or lotion is the real business, or simply a marketing ploy.

The same advice applies if you are exploring options in natural makeup and mineral makeup, another category of cosmetics that has grown exponentially lately.

As with botanical products for skin care, organic makeup is derived from natural ingredients and usually prides itself not using animal tests.

In theory, ingredients such as Aloe Vera gel, soy wax and rose water can improve aesthetic appearance without subjecting the skin for the potentially harmful effects in the long term of synthetic chemical ingredients.

However, even skin products made from natural botanical products remain chemical solutions, and the jury is still convinced how large the long -term advantages of organic makeup are really.

Consult with a skin care specialist to see what type of makeup or rejuvenating products can better adapt to your skin condition and type.

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