Miranda Kerr: "I am Mandona, nobody gets in my way"

We are in the press room.There is no pin.Swarovski presents in Sydney its autumn-winter collection, of which Kerr is image, and all international media have flown here to see it.The intelligent beauty model has a good face for everyone.«I just landed from China.The flight has been terrible.And large.We had to make a four -hour scale in Singapore.But I am delighted to be here, ”he says, still smiling, while the brand collar that has chosen for the occasion is placed.When, that same night, at the dinner that the firm has organized for its guests - including directors, fashion magazine editors and entrepreneurs in the sector -, gets up to greet table by table to attendees and make selfies with anyone who isHe asks for it, makes it very clear who it is: much more than a pretty face.

With a balanced mixture of beauty and brain, Australian has managed to reach the top of the industry.Having pocketed more than 5 million euros in 2013, according to Forbes, today is the second best paid model.Only Gisele Bündchen overcomes her.That is why it is fun when those who have not documented ask him what he feels now that his career begins to emerge.

"I've been doing this since I was 14," he says.In April, he met 31 and celebrated it with a suggestive video - Passover bunny leave, given the date - that he shared with his more than two and a half million followers on Facebook.The ability to move from sweet to sexy without apparent effort is one of the qualities that have made it a favorite of photographers.The same goes to the goal of Mario Testino for a male magazine, who poses for the paparazzi playing in the park with his son Flynn.And although with us he refuses to comment on certain issues - for example, the vision of the female body as an object that fashion offers sometimes - to the British edition of GQ has no problem telling him that he needs a man in bed, although he enjoysLooking at women and does not rule out exploring.Even to be controversial calculates the moment.

With Flynn (always in arms), for a walk.

Miranda Kerr: «Soy mandona, nadie se interpone en mi camino»

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Control trajectory.From its beginnings in Australia - when a friend registered her in a local models contest that, of course, won - to the turning point of his career in 2007 - the year he signed with Victoria's Secret, which made him win, in addition, in addition, in addition,Of millions of euros, the official supermodel title–, Kerr has meditated each step.«It has been an interesting trip.I never thought it would last so much.At first I didn't take it very seriously;I simply had fun, ”he says.Being a new Elle Macpherson - a label that, very much, hangs often - was not his dream.Fashion was alien to him.He grew up in the field with his grandmother, surrounded by horses and with a poster of Prince Guillermo of England hanging in his room.

A trip to Japan, in 2004, changed everything.«I realized how many possibilities this work offers and I began to see things differently.From that moment on I was open to everything.The model is not a long -term career, that's why I was so much.I knew it wouldn't last long and wanted to enjoy it while I could.I worked seven days a week, traveling from one continent to another.But that was until Flynn was born, ”he tells us.

Although he has a reputation for evasive when it comes to commenting on his private life, Miranda loves talking about her son.«It is getting huge.But he likes to take him in his arms.And I want to squeeze until the last minute with him.It is the light of my life, ”he says, even knowing that he sounds cheesy.His son is also the reason why he decided to break his contract with Victoria's Secret last year: «He demanded too much time and, as a mother, I could not compromise me.It was a risky decision, but I think it is correct.For me it is important to spend time with Flynn.If I work several days in a row, I assure myself to have the weekend only for him ».

Today the model is more selective with the work it performs, a luxury that only tops can be allowed. En su lista de clientes: H&M, Mango, Wonderbra, Swarovski… «Necesito colaborar con firmas con las que me identifique.And I think that's why customers respond so well.They know that if I give my image to a brand it is because I trust it ».As an ambassador, he has no rival: he dominates as few the ‘poetry’ of the industry.«Swarovski transmits a message of empowerment.Wants to shine women, give them self -confidence.Me too ”, continues."My books are the best example".With two volumes under your arm, titled Trust Yourself and Empower Yourself (in Spanish, trust yourself and empower), writer's is just another of her facets.

Courtesy of Swarovski

Businesswoman.Miranda is the perfect example of what the industry calls, with a certain euphemistic tone, the commercial model.Gone were the catwalks and be constantly uploaded to a plane.This allows you to devote to your child and your other chores.In 2009 Kerr launched its own organic cosmetic line, Kora.An intelligent movement considering that the natural beauty sector does not stop growing: today is a 22 market.000 million euros.«This is a project in which I am 100% involved.We spent four years tasting the formulas.I tried them.I get involved in everything, from the development of products to the expansion strategy ».This year, after consolidating the USA as its second best client, it has been launched by Asia.There the Australian is a mass idol.Which, together with the obsession of the Orientals for wearing immaculate skin, has proven to be of benefit.«Kora is an extension of me and my vital philosophy.I think it is important to know what you put in the face ».

In search of perfection.Fréra Defender of a healthy lifestyle, speaks of yoga wonders and green beaters.«I take them every day.I put chia seeds, maca, spirulina ... If you know how to take care of yourself, you can create a better version of yourself.I am a perfectionist ».That is why he has the habit of asking how he has done after an interview."I think it can always be improved," he says.

The careless model of model with broken tattoos and jeans, to the face of Delevingne, does not go with it.Prefer half -leg skirts, five centimeter heels and Lady bags.Hermès's Birkin is his favorite.Pull the classic.But there is something captivating in their image, which millions of people imitate.Not surprisingly, it is an icon of street style.A compliment?«Each one must find his style.Authenticity is essential to succeed ».Hence, they bother you when they compare it with Macpherson.Or when a journalist suggests that his assistant edits his interviews.It is the only moment of the press conference in which Miranda does not smile.«I would not allow it.No one can speak for me ».

Kerr has no qualms about being blunt when needed.Maybe that is one of the reasons why it has gained fame difficult.Mandona?"I can be.Once I set a goal, nothing gets in my way, ”he says.To the facts we refer.

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