Mercadona sells a mascara for 3.65 euros just like those of luxury brands

It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money to buy very good quality products and in some Mercadona cosmetic products is the proof. If this Christmas you want to wear eyelashes and you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a mascara from a large cosmetic brand, this Deliplus option, which the stylist Rocío Carrasco already opted for when she recorded her famous documentary, may be what you want. you are looking for.

According to several fashion publications in our country, the Deliplus Maxi Volume mascara is capable of covering even the shortest hair thanks to its silicone brush with pointed fragments, and this makes it offer a sensation of eyelashes infinite that equates it with high cosmetic makeup.

In addition, thanks to its light texture, Mercadona's Maxi Volume mascara does not leave residue on the eyelashes or generate a feeling of caking, thus guaranteeing that the look looks perfect and does not smudge easily.

Mercadona sells for 3.65 euros a mascara the same as those of the luxury brands

Deliplus Maxi Volume Mascara./ Mercadona

But how much does this mascara cost? Here comes the best of the product. Although its results are comparable to those of the big makeup firms, its price is not. The Mercadona perfumery sells this mascara for 3.65 euros, a price well below what these types of products from other lines usually cost.

Mercadona launches a line for Christmas

In addition to this mascara that can be found throughout the year in Mercadona's physical and online stores, the Juan Roig chain has also released a line of makeup products focused on Christmas that can be used both as gifts and to create your own look for these holidays.

This is the Cosmic collection, which is made up of an eyeshadow palette ranging from earth tones to glittery purples, a glittery eyeliner and matching mascara, two nail polishes and a lipstick with those in which the brightness is guaranteed and a perfume and an illuminator.

In addition, the company has also made available to its customers a kit of interchangeable eye shadows that, within the Cosmic collection, gives the buyer freedom to choose which colors they want to include in their own palette.