Makeup tips to highlight the color of your eyes

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Written by Luz Marina Carpio Hernández

Last update: January 29, 2022

Combining eye makeup is an art.Although a professional does not groom you, you can enhance this feature facing tones of the chromatic circle.The concept encyclopedia explains that the mixture of pigments, based on color theory, derives in the desired effect.

This principle applies to eyelids, whose cosmetic function is to confer shape and color to the eyes.The method consists of locating in the chromatic wheel the tone closest to that of your iris and with the opposite range achieve a dazzling makeup.

On the other hand, a publication of the professional pharmacy magazine adds to the technique the use of darker shadows in the upper eyelid, intermediate in the mobile eyelid and bright under the eyebrow.But can you contrast any tone?

Clear eye makeup tips

Remember the following: You get the dream look if you select tones according to the Iris.It also thinks about the shape of the eye, the eyelashes, the style of the hair, the complexion, the clothes that you will wear and if it is a day or night event.According to your eye color, start the following recommendations.


Consejos de maquillaje para resaltar el color de tus ojos

Green eyes stand out if makeups with pink or purple.Contrast with gold and orange.Brown brown are well whenever the iris is dark green.

Although you can opt for the nude range, there are more intense alternatives if you want a daring look.As for the delineated, do not marry the black.Silver, coal or purple nuances test.


Blue looks favor red pigments, oranges, coppery, gold, bronze and brown.The last two and the black work to delineate, adding sensuality.

The counterpart of this palette is in a dark smoked or yellow and red cakes.THE GREEN SHADOWS DO NOT GO.


Breaking schemes: pink and violet are ideal for the day in gray eyes;At night it is better copper and gold.Illuminate the arc of the eyebrows and the tear.

Impacts with a black delineated and don't forget the eyelash.Other used colors are white, blue, silver and aquamarine.


Soft orange, gold and roses they match honey eyes.The range of blue and light green do not highlight its beauty.

Again, the classic Black delineated looks forward to the look.Harmonize the face with a nude lipstick and bronze dust.

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Dark eyes makeup tips

Choosing the incorrect tone plays bad passes.If your eyes are dark, suggestions below favor styling.


The advantage of having brown iris is that almost all pigments are coupled.However, the golden, purple, pink and brown shadows with a slight shine.Dazzle with a little black, either in the fold or delineating.

As for the hazelnut eyes, makeup with silver and well blurred blue.The green and the pastel range are not the best pair for brown.


The versatility of black eyes is evidenced by fascinating with purple, gold, gray, brown and even black makeup.Against him could play intense blue and green.But some techniques cross the limitations.

For example, smoked eyes or smokey eyes became popular with dark shadows, mainly black.However, the finish extended to other dyes.His secret is to fade the black base, leaning with other tones, even quite colorful.

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Care and suggestions to make up

Because of its thinness, the skin's skin is delicate.Take the necessary minutes to remove it and avoid infections, accumulation of impurities and wrinkles, as noted by the National College of Optometrists (CNOO).

In addition, Farmanatur magazine invites you to use a gentle and exclusive screen offset for this area.Micellar water is also recommended in the hygiene of the complexion.

What is the cleaning procedure like?:

Details that complement eye makeup

You know what palettes they agree, guiding you for the chromatic wheel.Now, it complements eye makeup paying attention to aspects such as eyebrow finish.These arches frame your face and, if they are not shaped neatly, they overshadow any arrangement.

The illuminator is essential to expand your look.Use it in the eyebrow bone.Gives volume to the eyelashes.And for the eyes to shine choose hairstyles that clear your face.

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The color concealer improves the appearance of the skin camouflating imperfections.It is a basic step for the impeccable finish of makeup.