Makeup for a day wedding

In this tutorial we will show you an ideal makeup for a day wedding.Many of you are afraid to recharge your makeup in this type of day events, but we must bear in mind that going to a wedding demands a sophistication point that goes in line with our styling.

The first step is the application of the dark circles.We have chosen the All Over Concealer+ Eraser of the Even Better line ofClinique, which is a corrector that will perfectly cover the dark circles without being recharged, which is ideal for this type of makeup.We apply it by making a "V" form in the dark circle zone.With a brush, to touch, we integrate and blur it.The result will be that the dark circles hide us while illuminating our eyes.

For a wedding we will need a makeup base that endures as long as possible, so we will use the intensive Skin Serum Foundation ofBobbi Brown.This base has several peculiarities, the first, is that it has a protection factor 40, which will not have to use sunscreen before its application, the second is that it is a serum base that will treat the skin, it willcover imperfections, and it will give us skin luminosity.We will apply it with a brush and to touch, so that it integrates well into the skin, and always from the center of the face to the ends.

Next, we will explain the Sol Bronze GodDesss dusts ofEstée Lauder that will leave us that tan effect that we like so much.We take the product making circular movements with the brush, we download, and then we apply them, without pressure, below cheekbones, chin and front and if we want we can apply it in the neck and neckline area.

Maquillaje para una boda de día

Eyes are a fundamental part of our makeup.We will start with the shadows and we will work with the Stone Washed NudeBobbi Brown palette.It is a palette that contains several shadows in nude tones and that is very versatile.For our makeup we will start with a medium tone by pulling clearly for the transition zone, we apply with the brush making soft movements.As the main shadow we have chosen a brown tone and we will apply from the center to the outer zone.To give more amplitude to the eye we will apply the same shadow making a line below the lower eyelid.To give more intensity to our eye we will use a third shadow in a darker brown, applying it only in the outer third of the eye.For the tab line, we will use the Eyeliner Precision Extreme deClinique,

It is time to apply the eyelashes.We have chosenElizabeth Arden's Grand Entrance.This mask lengthens and gives a lot of volume to the eyelashes, so it is perfect for this type of event.We need the blush that is so well in the makeup and this is achieved using the blush in the Mac Peaches tone that we will apply with a smaller brush.We advise not to apply much product, we will rectify later if we want, since we will make up the red lips.It is always easier to rise, than to go down.

Let's give a touch of light with the newBobbi Brown illuminator of the Pink Glow line.With a brush we take a product, and apply making a C above the blush.

Finally, we will move on to the lips that we will paint with the intense red tone Feels So Grand de Mac.It is one of Mac's most iconic reds and being permanent will hold us all day.


Shadedwashed Nude shadow palette.Bobbi Brown

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Bronze GodDess.Estée Lauder

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Powder Bush.Mac

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Even Better Corrector.Clinique

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Grand Entrance mask.Elizabeth Arden

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Pink Glow Highlighting.Bobbi Brown

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Retro Mate Liquid Lip Color.Mac

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Skin Serum Foundation.Bobbi Brown

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