The best ampoules 'flash' effect 'lifting'


Five facial treatments that bring softness, light and an instant anti-wrinkle effect to the face

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An effective and instant beauty treatment is the flash ampoule with a rejuvenating effect, which is manufactured by numerous specialized cosmetic brands such as ISDIN or La Cabine. And it is that the flash ampoules manage to recover the natural luminosity of the skin almost instantly and many of them have even been made with ingredients that are capable of eliminating wrinkles, reducing spots and moisturizing.

In this selection are some of the best facial ampoules available on Amazon, to fill the face with vitality. They are sold in boxes that include different units, at very affordable prices and accompanied by applicators to apply them easily and precisely. Discover them!

La Cabine flash effect ampoules

This pack of La Cabine facial ampoules includes 10 units, each with a quantity of two milliliters. They have been made with the best products and completely natural components such as red algae. And it is that they are perfect moisturizing ampoules to use daily, since they do not incorporate oils.

They have a flash and instant result, guaranteeing a quick result that is perfect for concealing tiredness, covering imperfections and bringing light and freshness to the face.


La Cabine ampoules eliminate and repair small unevenness, blemishes and pimples on the skin, leaving it soft and smooth from the first application. The firming effect is practically instantaneous after application. Buy for €9.95 on Amazon

ISDIN flash ampoules

Las mejores ampollas ‘flash’ efecto ‘lifting’

These facial ampoules belong to the ISDIN line of cosmetic and beauty products and attenuate wrinkles and expression lines on the face with an instant action. In addition, they manage to erase the signs of fatigue and stress, instantly energizing the skin of the face.

The box contains five ampoules of two milliliters each, with an immediate effect that lasts up to a total of eight hours. Each flash ampoule has an applicator with a cap and a protector, in order to precisely and easily distribute the treatment all over the face.

Smoother, brighter skin

It is a perfect option to apply daily just before applying makeup, as it is combined with it and manages to create a dazzling skin effect. It is recommended to apply the ampoule by massaging the face until it is completely absorbed and it is suitable for all skin types. Buy for €13.90 on Amazon

Bella Aurora flash ampoules

Bella's facial and flash ampoules are designed to carry out a care treatment on the face in a period of 10 days, thanks to its 10 single-dose ampoules that provide firmness, luminosity and hydration.

Each ampoule contains a liquid with a light and oily texture, as well as a combination of floral ingredients and perfume to provide a pleasant effect with each application.

natural ingredients

Bella's flash ampoules have been made with marine collagen, which improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin as well as reducing wrinkles and expression lines, keeping the skin at its optimal level of hydration. They also contain peony flower extract from Mount Jiri in Korea, which attenuates blemishes, evens out skin tone and brightens dull, tired faces. Buy from €17.50 on Amazon

HI flash effect ampoules

Triple flash effect hiluronic acid ampoules: anti-aging, firmness and deep hydration. Each case contains five ampoules, made with an applicator and a ampule cap that ensures hygiene and precise application. They are ideal for all skin types: oily, mixed or normal.

Hydration and efficiency

Thanks to their extra component of hyluronic acid, the ampoules manage to fill in wrinkles in depth and accelerate the production of collagen, so they are perfect for moisturizing the face quickly and naturally. Buy from €5.59 on Amazon

HI triple flash effect facial ampoules

Triple flash effect facial ampoules with proteoglycans, α-Hydroxy acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, rice germ oil and rosehip oil. The package contains five single-dose ampoules, including an applicator and a protective cap. They are perfect for the care of skin with spots due to hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

remove stains

These are ampoules with components such as rosehip oil, which depigment the skin and help eliminate facial blemishes as well as creating a preventive action against skin aging. Buy from €5.59 on Amazon

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