Kate Winslet talks about Wim Hof, dye your hair and what you really think about age in Hollywood

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Titanic, Sentido y sensibilidad o, más recientemente, la brillantísima Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet no necesita presentación. Con motivo de su nuevo papel como embajadora de L’Oréal Paris, esto es lo que nos ha contado la actriz sobre cómo concibe la belleza y mucho más

Por Hannah CoatesKate Winslet habla sobre Wim Hof, teñirse el pelo y lo que opina de verdad sobre envejecer en Hollywood Kate Winslet habla sobre Wim Hof, teñirse el pelo y lo que opina de verdad sobre envejecer en Hollywood

As soon as you get up

“I always think it should be one of those people who have their morning ritual, but when you already have family, you have to throw with what is going on every day.It costs me anything to get up, I don't have a bad time for having to jump out of bed and normally I lift my school at 6.30 in the morning.I always have to start the day with a cup of tea, it's as if I couldn't do anything until I have my tea, and that's what I do.I also have to go to the bathroom immediately to wash my teeth just take it, I am not one of those expected for a while.So, really, I do nothing special.Like most, I don't have time to do all those things we would like to do in the morning ”.

Your leather routine

“In the morning I always wash my face with very cold water and let the tap run until it goes as cold as possible, I dedicate a good time.Then my skin hydrated and I put sun protection every day, because the sun sticks very fast.As I turn years I realize that small spots of the sun are coming out and they make me very little grace, so the solar filter helps me keep all that at bay.[At night], if I spent the whole day makeup (in my normal life that does not happen), I dedicate 10 minutes to eliminate everything very well and carefully leave my eyes completely clean.I use a temperate wipe.Then I wear a fantastic night serum that will be new;Being an ambassador of L’Oréal I have been able to try it very soon, but they still do not let me talk about him because he has not yet launched, you will see it shortly ”.

Democratize cosmetics

“What I like most about L’Oréal is that its products are very affordable and accessible.His approach and access to the mass market does not discriminate against anyone, they made facial cosmetics cease to be elitist, and that is good.Everyone should be able to take care of their skin, even with a single quality product ”.

Aging in Hollywood

"I have no secret.What I want to tell every woman to try to emulate a Hollywood look is this: it's a myth.It's a myth, seriously.The women you see on the red carpet have been sitting four hours in hairdress.I know because I have lived it and they have done all those treatments.It is for a very punctual moment.For me, the secret to age well at any age, in Hollywood or not, is actually knowing how you are and accepting that you cannot avoid changes.Of course we can do things to take care of health and skin, to feel a little better and that we last a little more.But for me beauty comes from within and not being so critical with yourself, which is already enough ".

“I think it is best to be healthy - of everything, but in moderation - and simply eat well and respect you and take care.Lately I try to do it more.When you are young you can with everything, but now I can't even have spent a couple of nights with the copitas of red wine, the eyes and skin take four days to recover completely! ”.

For dry skin

Kate Winslet habla sobre Wim Hof, teñirse el pelo y lo que opina de verdad sobre envejecer en Hollywood

“I am noticing that in summer my skin dries more, and I think it is also due to hand disinfectants and all that.I have been using Weleda's skin food cream, I put a little on the back of my hands at night and it has been coming very well.I also drink a lot of water throughout the day, two liters or so.Already, now, it is a roll and you always say that to drink a lot of water, but the truth, when you turn years old, you have to take it seriously because if you do not dry your skin a lot ”.

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Dye hair at home

“When I was younger, I clarified some strands of hair ahead with a toothbrush.In the end they broke, they put on oranges and everything was horrible, and I always wondered why I did not get me to stay like in the box.The good thing about L'Oréal's préferénce [the tone that Winslet uses is 9.1] is that it is very difficult for you to be wrong because the color works very well.During the confinement of last year I dyed my hair twice, and only a little above because my natural hair is brown.If I get too much root, I look very left.I did very well and it is easy to follow the instructions ”.

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“My son and his friends love to constantly change hair color, so many times, when he is with them, he begins:‘ Mom, can we dye Jake's purple hair? ’.I am the worst and I tell them to call their mothers to ask permission.How have I become the mother who dyes you in her house of cool colors?But, finally, we are, and in part it is because I have a daughter who is always experiencing with hair color and sometimes you buy dyes that are not worth her, so my son takes those she does not want.You laugh ".

The best beauty tricks he has learned in the filming sets

"Learn not to touch your face the day you are.Especially when you play a character like Rose or the one who did in Revolutionary Road, for example.Or Marianne Dashwood of meaning and sensitivity.They are characters to wear perfect skin and are expensive with a lot of makeup.In the case of Titanic, it was a very makeup look actually.If you soak and touch your face, move everything and that implies that you have to wear even more makeup and use more time to fix it.For the skin it is nothing good and it can become very frustrating that someone has to come to retake you.With Mare of Mare of Easttown the thing was different, because I almost didn't wear makeup, I touched my face all the time! ”.

Make Mare in Mare of Easttown

“Oh God, I loved it!Mare does not dedicate any time to herself;You don't look in the mirror or dye your hair.It is as is.But in that there is something very nice and very heroic, because it gives validity to how we live the majority, right?We do not have time for all that [to spend hours fixing ourselves].Life throws you a curved ball and you don't want to waste time into banal things.In a way, Mare gives us the court to those who do not believe that we have to worry so much about those things ”.

Would you return to the redhead, like Rose de Titanic?

“I get older and now I am more to maintain the health of my hair;Because when you wear an extreme color, you don't recover yours unless you let it grow and take a century.Or you can let the color be lost, but you look like a kind of horrible crossing between cat and dog!Yes, I miss that stage of redhead, because the personality changes a little when you stand out more and wear another color.When I did ammonite with Saose ronan, she told me: ‘I don't plan to put blonde, but I would like a red or something’.And I remember that I thought: ‘Oh yes, do it, because you are 25 years old.At that age it gives more the same.When you get older and change your hormones and collagen production falls, it affects hair.I would love to dye my hair more often and fuck me ”.

Your header training

"I love my squad bike.We have been.Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about what circuit I'm going to get tomorrow and I'm looking up.It's a little crazy, but it makes you sweat a lot and the chats are great, the instructors are very good.When I recorded Mare of Easttown, it became my way of decompressing the day, to release everything.Sometimes I got into the bike and started sweating and crying and even shouting with my heart beating ”.

Would you play any character again?

“It would be a past to go back and make again that Clementine of forget about me!.It is not that he feels the need to go back and reinterpret the character as he came out in the movie, but it would be great to see what happened to him with the years.I imagine, for example, that the hair would have become a bit gray and that maybe I would have dyed it purple.It is fatter and happier and is no longer criticized so much ”.

Your makeup essentials

“I can't live without Elnett's lacquer, because I've been using most of my adult life.It's as if I told me, let's see, let us keep using a lacquer, right?I have stopped eating meat, I hardly take milk, I say that I can still use Elnett and keep feeling as respectful as possible!When I want to hide red skin, Skin Enhancer sensual use of Kevyn Aucoin.It is quite dense, but I give myself some little finger in concrete areas and voila.And, of course, a good lipstick.I love those of Color Riche de L’Oréal.They are not very expensive and the range of colors is very wide.I like that the look is juicy and fresh, the trick is to use few products that are good and not take too many layers ”.

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The perfect shower

“The secret is to endure under cold water the same time as under the hot.I wash myself, I put the conditioner and then I spend half a shower under the icy water jet.My husband is super fan of Wim Hof, but this is my own wink to Wim Hof: an ice water shower.We also swam in cold water ".

Your favorite perfume

Buy: Fresh Floral Perfume, from Issey Miyake for Sephora (€ 50.99).

“The perfume with which I feel the most is the one I have been using for years.Whenever I buy it is like giving me a whim.Is L’Eau d’ issey by Issey Miyake.I love it!I have been using it for so long that when my children smell in a handkerchief or in a jacket of mine, they say right away: ‘Go, smells Mom’.It's super cute.He says to Bear, the little.That shows how important the senses are, because they are closely linked to memory, nostalgia and certain moments of your life ”.

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