Jésica Cirio showed her refrigerator for cosmetics in the bathroom that costs more than 70 thousand pesos

As detailed by Paparazzi magazine, the model has several cosmetics organizers on the bathroom and a mini refrigerator ice cream."The frosts retain the properties of creams because many times one leaves them out of the refrigerator or gives them the heat and that makes the properties degrade," said Cirio.

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The mini refrigerator for portable makeup and cosmetics serves for skin care products, sera, creams or gels for the eyes.

Jésica Cirio mostró su heladera para cosméticos en el baño que cuesta más de 70 mil pesos

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“In this way you can preserve and prolongás the life of these types of cosmetics.I don't take it when I travel because it is plugged in, ”said Jésica.

How much does this luxury cost?The mini refrigerators come in various colors and their price varies according to the brand, but range from 30.000 pesos at 73.Approximately 155.

The mini refrigerator for portable makeup and cosmetics, and is the perfect complement to organize skin care products while prolonging the lives of sera, creams or gels for the eyes.It comes with two removable shelves to help store the products as desired and a shelf at the perfect door to cool masks of jade sheets or jade rollers.