I am the master of catfishing: I trick men into thinking I'm hot with my fake bangs


It's a fact that we all like to apply a little makeup here and there, or maybe dye the gray streaks peeking out at the roots.

Using these methods can help some feel more confident, as it can help bring out our true beauty.

But makeup and boxes of hair dye aside, this woman has shared how different she looks when she has her fake bangs attached.

And, people have been stunned by her transformation.

Naomi Taylor took to TikTok to reveal how she's able to trick men into thinking she's "hot."

The redheaded model poses for the first time in the clip with her hair pulled back and her front 'fringe' styled straight.

Naomi stuns with her bangs attached (Image: TikTok/@na0mitayl0r16) Read more related articles Read more related articles

Naomi stuns with a full face of makeup as her eyelids glow with green eyeshadow that illuminates her piercing blue eyes.

«I am the master of fishing for Cat: I Trick Men Into Thinking I'm Hot With My Fake Bangs»

But, all is not as it seems.

Having called herself a "master" of catfishing, Naomi revealed all.

She explained: "Catfish 101: How to trick all the guys into thinking you're hot, then when they fall in love, you can finally..."

The stunning model then removes her bangs to expose what she really looks like without the hairpiece.

The model then removes her hairpiece (Image: TikTok/@na0mitayl0r16)

Naomi removes her hair piece to reveal what she looks like underneath.

Since being posted, the video of the redheaded beauty has now amassed 378,000 views and 32,000 likes.

She also got tons of comments from people surprised by how much her bangs changed her appearance.

The model smiles as she reveals her look without the bangs (Image: TikTok/@na0mitayl0r16)

One person commented: “Goofy. You're still beautiful.

Another user added: “Your crazy smile. I love it."

While a third person confessed: "Girl, I was scared at first and then I fell in love again."

However, Naomi has left many women wanting to buy their own clip in bangs after falling in love with the easy change of style.

A woman asked, “Where did you get it?”

Someone else cared: "I NEED omg."

Luckily for those who want faux fringe, Naomi shared that she picked it up on Amazon for just $15 (£11), and they have a variety of hair colours!

The model shared that she bought the hairpiece because she didn't want “permanent” bangs.

That's one way to save by booking a hair appointment!

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