How to get Jessica Chastain's hair at 45

If we talk about one of the hair that inspires us the most and that we already want to wear this season because it anticipates autumn and is also versatile and spectacular, without a doubt, we put our focus of beauty in Jessica Chastain's hair.Not only because of its color ginger or ginger beer or ronze beer (mix between redhead and coppery) or Venetian red but also becauseA great rejuvenating power.

Hair color: Venetian redhead

Jessica Chastain carries of a dark red -haired tone that feels good to light, pecious, green, amber or brown skin.And it is a very high maintenance tone since coppery pigments are the fastest fading."It is essential to use specific products and a shampoo, mask or conditioner with pigments twice a week," Eduardo Sánchez, director of the Maison Eduardo Sánchez, tells us.

In addition, it is a very autumnal hair tone and also and increasingly popular in networks and hairdressers.The best thing is that it provides different nuances and warmth to the face.It also reminds us of the Venetian red of Lady's Gambito but in its most current and favoring version.To achieve this, you can do it yourself or ask for it in your hairdresser.

"To give depth and nuances to this color, nothing like two -tone jobs," explains Eduardo Sánchez, and even "you can choose to make wicks in two shades or combine a color bath with reflexes, to give volume and volume andHair movement ".

If you also accompany it with broken waves like the ones the actress and a versatile and long bangs that allow you to camouflage it when you feel like it, to make a ponymost appetizing the look.Of course, "it is a tone that demands subsequent treatments that keep the hair safe from color turns that could go from greenish yellow to orange, as well as products that maintain the intensity of color or specialized formulas," recalls the expert.

Cómo conseguir el pelo de Jessica Chastain a los 45

A mane like Jessica Chastain is the result of small gestures that, added, result in such a hair, is, ultimately the fruit of good hair care."First of all a correct food, rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals is the first step for a radiant mane.A healthy life with a careful diet, sport and good habits also affects healthy hair.And to this, we must add that she will be in the best hands and will have the best products to pamper her hair with cabin treatments and at home with proper hydration, shampoMes appropriate to her type of hair...And where appropriate, the coppery hair, which is the one that previously oxidizes and wears out, must have extra pampering that I have no doubt that she does, "concludes Sánchez.

More shine in the hair

Despite the images that usually come to our heads in terms of redhead, the hair color that Jessica Chastain carries has a greater strength and natural brightness than in previous years in which the actress wore the most coppery hair and more clear.

Curtain and extralargo bangs

The bangs such as Jessica Chastain, in its curtain and extralargo version they have become the easiest to maintain and carry.They contribute naturalness and is always a plus versatility."The curtain bangs is a long bangs that lengthens on the sides and is carried open in half.Everyone can accommodate their length in their style, the longest I recommend them for those who like to change the image because it allows it to mark it a lot if it combs down or hide it if we comb it back or to the side, ”says Manuel Mon, fromManuel Mon stylists.

Soft waves

You have straight hair or not, the waves enhance Jessica Chastain's hair.And we look more or less marked, we like almost undone with surfer and very natural effect.There are different tricks to get a mane with waves, from heat tools to collected that help us create the way without the need to resort to heat sources."The fastest way to get some waves is through tenacles or an iron.To do so, the hair must be dry and we must apply a thermal protector so as not to damage the hair.We will comb in different sections and pass the tool.If we want larger waves, we will take larger strands, if we want them small, finer.We combed with a spike comb and fixed with a lacque.

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