How does the illuminator apply correctly?Make up as a professional is easy if you know the steps

The illuminator has become fashionable in recent years, but many people still do not know how to use it correctly due to lack of experience.And the truth is that this cosmetic was born to achieve a professional effect at home: return lighting to our face and immediately achieve a good face.

¿Qué va antes el sérum o la crema? Comienza el nuevo año con la rutina facial perfecta

If we know how to apply the highlightr we can make a difference between a beautiful makeup and, in addition, a radiant skin.Our face can even rejuvenate, but be careful! Because bad.

Therefore, it is good to follow a series of tips to know how to correctly apply the illuminator and be able to use it without fear, because most people who do not use it is due to ignorance and if we know how the results will be spectacular!So, become a makeup professional without leaving home following the following steps:

Where and how to use it?

Of course, the first step is to take a good illuminator and, if you are a beginner, the bar are very good because they are easier to apply.Luckily, one of the best in the market, from Milk Makeup, is now reduced by 60% in Sephora.This is the top sales of creamy texture and holographic effect with meteorite dust, to wear a prismatic reflex on the cheeks, lips and eyes.

¿Cómo se aplica el iluminador correctamente? Maquillarse como un profesional es fácil si conoces los pasos

One of the most common errors is to apply the illuminator as if it were a facial corrector.Therefore, many people cover areas of the face with the illuminator who, in reality, what we want is to go unnoticed.As experts explain, what we must do is have controlled and clarify the brightness of the areas that we do not want to highlight.

Therefore, the points at which we should apply the illuminator to get a balanced face and a radiant skin would be:

  1. En toda la parte alta del hueso del pómulo.
  2. En el hueso de la ceja, para abrir los ojos.
  3. De manera opcional, se puede aplicar una pequeña cantidad en el lagrimal para destacar la mirada.
  4. En el párpado móvil, consiguiendo iluminar la mirada.
  5. En el centro del tabique nasal hasta la punta de la nariz, consiguiendo una nariz perfecta.
  6. Marcando con una pequeña cantidad el centro del labio inferior, para realzar los labios y barbilla.

What is your tone?

On the other hand, not any illuminator is the best for our face.There are, in general, like three tones that adapt to our skin type.The ideal is to combine them according to the skin tone.

Therefore, if our skin is clear, the best are pink or white tones for cheekbones and lips;And golden for the eyes, for example.However, if we have an intermediate skin, the ideal would be the pink tone for cheekbones or to replace or combine with the bronzer, while the white tone for the tear, eyebrows and lips.Finally, for dark skins, gold and pink tones would be used for cheekbones and white eyebrows, lips and tear.

It is not surprising that the liquid illuminators of different tones are razing.In Primor we have available for less than 6 euros each of the different types, pink, gold and white liquid highlights of the Sleek brand.Choose the tone that you lack, or all three, on the ecommerce page.

If you are a king or queen of brushes and brushes, there are also powdered illuminators.Like these light and pearly powders that enhance and enhance makeup with an illuminating effect that provides soft light reflexes and are available in Druni.

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