Heart Copy Meghan Markle's supernatural makeup: the basics of the Duchess of Sussex

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A skin with a no make-up effect and a slight glow touch is not difficult to achieve if you know how to do it. Meghan Markle (40 years old), wife of Prince Harry (37), is one of the celebrities who uses this technique the most for her day-to-day life. The last time in her Christmas greeting where she showed herself with the most natural makeup, giving all the prominence to her daughter, Lili, which was the first time she had shown her face.

Briyi Bri, makeup artist at Amelia Cosmetics, explains the steps to follow and the products to use to achieve the same result as the Duchess of Sussex:

1. To achieve the bare skin effect, use a medium coverage foundation. It will give you a very light finish that reveals the skin and its nuances, such as freckles or small marks.

2. Add a touch of glow in some spots with a highlighter, to get the juicy look.

Heart Copy Meghan Markle's Supernatural Makeup : the basics of the Duchess of Sussex

Christmas card of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their children.

3. Apply a subtle brush of blush, in a very natural pink tone

4.-The lipstick must be moisturizing and creamy, in a powdery and warm tone that combines very well with the rest of the makeup.

5. For the eyes, opt for brown tones, both on the lower and upper eyelids, and blend the shadows very well. Try a smoke in brown or chocolate tones. Important: have a luminous finish.

6. Apply bronzing powder in light pink tones, which provides a very healthy look.

7. Eyelashes always black, very thick and dark, and defined eyebrows.

Amelia Cosmetics products

Amelia Cosmetics Blusher Trio.

Blusher trio. Palette with blush, bronzing powder and highlighter to revive the complexion and sculpt the volumes of the face. Both can be used together or individually. They have a soft texture, easily blendable and buildable for a natural to intense effect. Its price is 8.90 euros.

Creamy Lipsticks. Lipstick with a light and creamy texture that blends with the lips and gives a sensation of comfort during application. Long-lasting and super moisturizing. Thanks to castor vegetable oil, it deeply nourishes and provides softness and suppleness to the lips. It costs 9.90 euros.

Lumi Strobing Illuminator. Illuminator in liquid format that provides an intense glow to the face. It is priced at 9.50 euros.

Long Extreme. Mascara that separates, curls and lengthens the eyelashes to the maximum thanks to its curved brush whose bristles have different sizes. It can be purchased for 6.24 euros.

Creamy Lipsticks.

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