HAPPY GEEK PRIDE DAY!This is the most phonatic kit that you will want to have subscribe

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Marvel, Friends, Disney... The leisure offer is so varied that it is impossible not to be a geek about something. Fandom culture moves millions of people around the world, and they all share one thing in common: being fans.

Surely you have fallen, more than once, into the purchase of some type of merchandising, and the truth, who hasn't? From stuffed animals to electrical appliances... In a moment you can turn your house into the setting for your favorite saga. Thanks to our geek kit, you can increase your addiction to 100%. Record what objects are missing from your collection while you enjoy your most fanatical celebration. Let's start!


This kit had to contain, yes or yes, a varied selection of decorative objects. Figures, stuffed animals, posters, vinyls... Today, you have at your disposal all the decoration elements you can imagine. The Funko Pop company is one of the most famous in terms of merchandising. These dolls are a classic on the shelves of a true geek. Let yourself be surprised by its enormous offer, it will be difficult for you not to find a version of your favorite characters. Which do you choose?

HAPPY GEEK PRIDE DAY! This It's the most fanatical kit you'll ever want to have Subscribe

Nor should we forget the incredible recreations that have been made of the props of certain audiovisual productions. Harry Potter's wand? A Jedi's lightsaber? Thanos' glove? The hardest part is deciding which one to stay with. The quantity is so large that it will be impossible for you not to add it all to your wishlist...

Amazon. Price: €95


Every good geek knows that themed clothing is a must. And at Vanidad we have no doubt that t-shirts are king. It's not just us, but also fashion brands... We suggest you take a look at Zara, Pull&Bear, Primark or Bershka. Their collections usually include options from true fans.

Bershka. Price: €8.99

But clothing is not the only thing that is themed... Accessories with motifs from series or movies are also very recurrent. In addition, they are an easier option to wear and combine. For example, the Vans shoe brand launched an exclusive edition featuring the Harry Potter saga.

Vans. Price on request

Or Pandora, who designed charms based on Disney characters. Freaky from head to toe!

Disney x Pandora. Price (from left to right): €65, €55 and €49


It is clear that buying the DVD of the saga or series that you like so much falls within the beginner level of freaking. From Vanidad, we encourage you to take one more step (or several) in order to immerse yourself in the fictional universe that you so long for. Following this line, your library should not lack books on film production, character creation, or set design. And, logically, your Spotify profile should contain the playlist of their soundtracks. 100% geek culture!

Fnac. Price: €12.30


Cups, doormats, sheets, cutlery or electrical appliances. There will be no corner of your home where there are no samples of your most geeky side. We love! If you do a little research, you'll find gadgets and items worthy of collectors. We assure you that your house will be filled with fun and originality.

Amazon. Price: €15.00

We can't think of a better idea to celebrate a day like today than to make toast with the face of Darth Vader, or take a nap with your Dragon Ball cushion. Surely your visitors have never had such a unique host...

The English Court. Price: €69.99

The English Court. Price: €19.95


The technology industry could not be left behind and is that by now, it has managed to position itself as one of the great sources of merchandising. USB, night lamps, mobile phone cases, watches... Your desktop will look like it came from the same pages as your favorite superheroes.

Amazon. Price: €13.95

During your freak search we recommend you go to Amazon. Its huge repertoire of gadgets, like these Super Mario lamps, will take your breath away. Of course, it will be difficult for you not to want to buy everything... Little Word of Vanity.

Amazon. Prices to consult

Write down everything you need to complete your kit and... HAPPY GEEK PRIDE DAY!

Vicky Linares-Rivas:@vicky_linares16

Images: Giphy, Instagram and courtesy of the firms