Gourmet creates the first foie grras cruelty free duck

The company has not said why you use duck eggs instead of goose eggs, but the process is totally cruelty free.«In the ovule you have stem cells and have the ability to divide and multiply indefinitely, provided they have a good atmosphere," said one of the creators.«We isolate them from the egg and give them a controlled environment that replicates the egg environment«.

After receiving the same nutrients that would be given to a duck, he said that the cells multiply as if they were in the egg.«Then, adjust the nutrients to activate the type of cell we want«.So if you want liver or muscle cells, entries and cells react to that are adjusted.Then muscle cells, fat cells or liver cells are collected and produced the products free of animal suffering.

When does the Foie Gras Gourmey go on sale?

As we said before, a Michelin star chef from Aquitaine.He also said that from now on he would cook with the pate created in the laboratory.

Gourmey crea el primer foie gras cruelty free de pato

Gourmey, based in Paris, is part of a growing number of cells based on cells that expect to offer more sustainable alternatives to traditional culture meat."Foie Gras is just the first application of our current knowledge," said one of the creators.«With the same starting cells, we can create any type of poultry meat product« «.That is, Foie Gras could extend to more versions, and even create other types of sausages that are free of animal cruelty.

This product has not yet went on sale, but the launch is expected to be shortly.Would you be willing to try it?