Goodbye sales at the door; Avon purchases increase online

Leonardo Palomera, Avon's executive director of sales, said that around 50% of his advisers place orders through their electronic platforms and that now, instead of knocking on doors, social networks They have allowed them to reach more customers.

According to the executive, the number of Avon advisers has increased by 30%, and there are more and more men interested in the business.

Ready for Christmas

Palomera recognized that the last quarter of the year is the most important in sales for the company, so they prepare special catalogs for the season, as well as packages that can serve consumers as Christmas presents.

“The fourth trimester is the most important for us, what we always do is launch brochures focused on what Christmas is, with packages that are more attractive so that the representatives have the facility to sell them,” he stated.

Goodbye door sales; Avon increases online

During the season, he said, one of the most dynamic categories is fragrances, since they are items that are often given as gifts.

Meanwhile, due to the pandemic and the changes in makeup consumption habits that it has imposed, when it comes to products such as lipsticks, Avon is promoting options that do not run when wearing face masks, which have been in high demand , relieved the executive.

Regarding the prices of their products and the challenges facing the industry in general, Palomera mentioned that they have tried not to adjust them and to seek strategies to contain the adjustments as much as possible.

"We have seen, in some products, that costs have increased, but in cosmetics we have kept the prices very similar to the beginning of the year, we have also sought mechanisms to be more efficient."

Among the supplies that have become more expensive for Avon are some resins, glass and containers.

By: Eréndira Espinosa.

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