German cosmetics 'Old School': the new beauty boom in which the least is more

The basic principles of the beauty marks of the area have remained constant over time: transparency, efficacy and be natural.German and Austrian brands focus much more on reducing the beauty ritual to a simple repertoire of proven efficacy products.Less is more, while the quality is good and has enough science to support it.

"German cars, their science ... are associated not only with the most leading techniques, but with being the definitive proof that something really works," explains the cosmetic dermatologist and founder of the Royal Fern Skin Care brand, theDr..Timm Golueke."Think about it as German skin engineering".

Germany is also known for adhering to strict security and quality parameters, so the products have to meet many requirements before reaching the beauty counter.“Germany has a list of exceptionally rigid accepted ingredients.There are many more ingredients approved for use in an American skin care product than in German a.There is an emphasis on security, ”explains the doctor at Barbara Sturm aesthetics.

Cosmética alemana 'old school': el nuevo 'boom' de belleza en el que menos es más

The “Made in Germany” label is now a symbol of the highest quality, particularly in the skin care sector.“It is a new honorary title in the cosmos of beauty that preserves our supposed virtues in the world scene.The coveted products are strictly scientific, rigorously tested, have reliable effects and are created by German doctors, ”says Beatrice Graf, head of digital beauty in Vogue Germany.

Pioneer retailers soon identified the potential of German beauty.“I introduced Barbara Sturm on its first retail platform in Net-A-Porter many years ago-in 2013-,” says David Olsen, who was previously global and beauty and fashion vice president and is now an executive director of the online retriever of the online retail ofluxury bar.“They were products that I had never seen before and were very effective and were backed by a founder very advanced to their time.He took off immediately and adding it to the selection of Cos Bar when I joined in 2016 was evident.Then we become the second retinterist of Augustinus Bader.They are the most rapid brands grow in Cos Bar, I suppose that because German beauty resonates with our clientele because it symbolizes a robust science, innovation and, in these two cases, incredible founders ”.