Beauty How to make liquid eye shadow at home easily

The world of cosmetics is varied and always very colorful, but above all it is fun, because cosmetics can be used as we buy or even customize at our will.In fact, at home we can do many cosmetics from free and compact powders, such as liquid eye shadow, which is easy to do.

How to make liquid eye shadow at home easily

A simple pigment powder can in fact become an eye shadow from more aqueous or creamy consistency, depending on how it is easier to apply it.In fact, all powdered eye shadows lend themselves to be an optimal base for this, but the best are minerals or so -called oven shadows, much more pigmented and therefore better so that they do not lose color intensity due to colormuch that we transform them into a liquid shadow.

Thus, if you have decided to make your own homemade liquid eye shadow it will be enough to scrape the appropriate amount of product with a spatula.Start with the tip of a teaspoon of dust, to dissolve well in a small bowl, adding two or three drops of columus or saline solution to the mixture.

Belleza How to make liquid eye shadow at home easily

The spatula back.But in addition to using the product so pure, we can also customize it by mixing it if necessary with a pigment of another color or finish, so that it is more suitable for the makeup we had in mind and safely get the color we need for our eyes.

On the other hand, if you add glitter powders you can also transform your liquid eye shadow into a very suitable makeup for a special evening.The only thing you should do then is to add a little glit.

Our liquid eye shadow can be done in small quantities specifically for a night makeup or even in larger doses, to store them in a glass jar.But always remember to use clean brushes when we take the product and not put the fingers in the container, since you run the risk of altering it and making it less healthy for our eye zone.