Beauty: 3 natural tricks to eliminate wrinkles from mouth

Wrinkles are usually the nightmare for both women and men;However, it must be recognized that its appearance is a natural process through which the skin has to pass.And either because of external age or factors such as the sun, continuous gesture and even some addictions, can cause these imperfections to appear, especially around the mouth.

Well, like the famous "rooster legs", the wrinkles of the mouth are of the skin expression lines that appear more frequently among the population and although there are various beauty products to prevent and eliminate them, the world of theAesthetics has several totally natural secrets to say goodbye completely.

The presence of these undesirable wrinkles near the mouth can manifest on the upper lip with several vertical lines, as well as grooves on the sides.Unfortunately, other characteristics that can even affect the self -esteem of thousands of people is that it also affects the structure of the lips.

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The latter occurs over the years and by various factors such as sun's rays or frequent movements, as in the case of smokers;which causes a "worn" image on their lips, that is, it seems that they lost their volume and became smaller.Likewise, the skin of the area may suffer from dryness, so moisturizing products cannot be missing in the beauty kit.

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Fortunately there are several natural tricks such as masks that help attenuate these wrinkles and then we share them.So you can forget to submit processes such as facial fillings, laser or fat transfers.

Honey and egg white mask

The perfect night mask to mitigate the wrinkles of the mouth is in the refre!Because these two ingredients are ideal for results.For your preparation you must prepare the mixture in a small glass of glass, to which a spoonful of honey and an egg white must be added.

After integrating the two ingredients well, an ideal paste must be obtained to apply a maximum of two nights per week.An important aspect to consider is that the face and especially the area near the lips, must be clean before spreading the mixture.

This mask must be left for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.As with other homemade masks, the effects will begin to be noticed after a few days of performing the routine.In addition, it is perfect to use some cosmetic such as rejuvenation creams before going to bed.

Avocado mask

Avocado is one of the preferred foods not only for the kitchen, but also for beauty since its properties bring many benefits to the skin, including that it is perfect for attenuating wrinkles and expression lines, including those of the mouth.

This option is prepared with a mature avocado that, after removing the shell and the seed, should liquefy the most that can be;While to enrich it and improve its texture, we recommend you add two tablespoons of honey.Subsequently you have to mix the two foods very well until you get a paste.

Remove all face makeup and clean the area affected by wrinkles and apply the mask.For this alternative to take effect, it will be acting for 20 minutes, then rins and apply your face -irruption cream normally.

Cucumber mask

The last alternative is to prepare a cucumber mask that is very easy to prepare and for which only two ingredients are needed.First remove the shell from this fruit and cut it into small pieces.

The next step can be done with a blender or with a food processor, tools that will help liquefy the cucumber pieces.Before the lump paste is formed, we recommend you add two to three vitamin E capsules, as it will further enrich the fruit.

Now only your face clean and place the mask in the areas of the mouth more affected by wrinkles and let it act for 20 minutes.At the end of rinse the area with warm water and apply some moisturizing cream.


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