12 products to gain order and space in the bathroom

For a few years, having the house in order has become a form of mental peace.Many contents in social networks have taught us small tricks to improve our spaces and have led to us to encourage ourselves to follow this booming trend, because with the pandemic we still get more involved in perfecting our home.

To help us in this task, there are some accessories that can be very useful, and that allow us to optimize space and improve the order to save time when finding everything we need.Specifically, in the bathrooms we usually have many products and small accessories that we do not know where to put.

For this reason, from the buyer of the avant -garde we have searched and selected some of the best Amazon products to keep your bathroom fully ordered.

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If your bath is rather small and you need to gain space, you can opt for a shelf like this one that takes advantage of a useless area.It is a shelf with three baldas that is on top of the toilet.

A metallic model, with adjustable legs, which measures 158 x 50 x 26 cm and with hangers on the sides to be able to be able to váter paper or for small towels.In addition, it is now available at half price at Amazon for € 24.90.

comprar en Amazon por 24,90€

You save 28%

Set of 2 floating shelves

This elegant floating wall shelf is made of high quality pine wood, with moisture and heat -resistant characteristics, perfect for bathroom.It has a metal towel and protective rails (in case things fall).

The dimensions of the wooden board are 41 x 15 x 1.5 cm, which offers enough storage space.Now available on Amazon for € 15.16.

comprar en Amazon por 15,16€

You save 20%

Anjuer door percher

This percher, which is located at the door, will help you maintain well -ordered towels and bathrooms.Installing it cannot be easier, it has 5 hangers, it supports a weight of up to 20 kg and is made of high -grade corrosion aluminum alloy.

12 productos para ganar orden y espacio en el baño

In addition, it comes with 4 round protective pads and a horizontal sponge cushion, so we can be sure that the hanger will not damage the door at all.Now available on Amazon for € 15.99.

comprar en Amazon por 15,99€

Vasagle corner shelf

This 5 -level corner shelf has a robust steel frame and its durable agglomerate boards give it greater resistance.It is perfect to take advantage of dead spaces in the bathroom, the kitchen and all the rooms of the home.

In addition to a stable structure and adjustable feet to maintain the corner shelf in place, it has 2 fixing devices so you can fix it to the wall and avoid falls.It is a very sure shelf that allows you to decorate and store at the same time.Measures 30 x 30 x 150 cm.Now available on Amazon for € 66.99.

comprar en Amazon por 66,99€

Vasagle storage cabinet

Continuing with the Vasagle brand, if you have space to put an extra furniture in the bathroom, we propose this brand model.It is a DM board closet treated with varnish, that is, moisture resistant, mold and easy to clean.

It measures 89x30x30 cm, has two drawers and a shelf.Now available on Amazon for € 51.79.

comprar en Amazon por 51,79€

Toothbrush support with automatic dispenser

Hygiene around our oral health is very important and is not always fulfilled, so using adequate support, such as this, can help us keep our mouths in perfect condition.The toothbrush hangs on the shelf to avoid contact with dust, air insects or grow bacteria and protect family health.

It can contain up to 4 toothbrush for adults and children, a pasta vending and other spaces.Now available on Amazon for € 23.99.

comprar en Amazon por 23,99€

Bathroom shelf without drilling

Keeping all shower products ordered can be complicated, but this shelf can help you with this small problem.It is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure that it does not deform easily and is lasting.It can be used to store bath items such as your shampoo, shower gel and facial washing, and soap hooks are made for your shaving and bath sponge.

In addition, soaps have hooks and other specials for shaving blades, so you won't have to worry that small things do not fall.Now available on Amazon for € 27.99.

comprar en Amazon por 27,99€

Dufu corner shower shelves

If we have a small shower plate we surely have all the soaps and shampoos on the ground, but we must know that there are shelves that take advantage of any space.

This model of the Dufu brand is a shower shelf that takes advantage of the corner and in it you can store all the boats and jars you need for your showers because it holds up to 10 kg.

They are sold in a two -piece pack, they are made of corrosion -proof stainless steel and installed with a very resistant special adhesive.Now available on Amazon for € 21.99.

comprar en Amazon por 21,99€

Display4 Top makeup shelf

If you are one of those who have all your messy makeup and when you are going to look for you in particular, you do not find it, this acrylic box interests you.Perfect for small cosmetics and headdresses.

Its close footprint makes it a perfect complement to small spaces, providing very necessary storage, without occupying too much space at home.Now available on Amazon for € 15.90.

comprar en Amazon por 15,90€

Organizing drawer with 4 plastic drawers wicker effect

If you need storage space in the bathroom, this plastic drawer rattan will be very good with a beautiful wicker design.It is wrengue brown and has 4 drawers.You can keep all kinds of objects on it and always have them by hand, from towels to all types of bathroom product.Its measures are: 61.5 x 39.5 x 36.5 cm (high x wide x deep).Now available on Amazon for € 45.99.

comprar en Amazon por 45,99€

Narrow 3 -height cart with drawers

Strait 3 -heights in white, with drawers and wheels.Either in the bathroom or in the kitchen this car is perfect to keep your accessories in order.Manufactured with metal and wood, its size is 57 x 24 x 40cm.Now available on Amazon for € 69.95.

comprar en Amazon por 69,95€

Toilet shelf

Tot organizers are usually an essential in all bathrooms.Built in stainless steel of higher degree type 304 protects against corrosion and oxide, ensuring durability and reliability, especially in a space as humid as bathroom.

With an elegant appearance, it fits well in the decoration of your bath, modern hidden screw design.Ideal for use in bathrooms, Hotelsy Spas.Now available on Amazon for € 56.99.

comprar en Amazon por 56,99€

* Updated prices on January 23, 2022

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