Where and how to apply sunscreen?

It is also important to note that, if all day is passed inside an office or closed place, and sun exposure is when leaving home, when you go to eat and return home, it will suffice with the sunscreen applied in the morning.The reason is due to the fact that the solar cream begins to lose its effect by being in contact with the solar rays.

Where and how to apply sunscreen?

Where is very simple: anywhere in the body that is not protected by clothes.Example If you are on vacation and much of the time only the swimsuit is used, the sunscreen should be applied in the exposed part.On the other hand, if on the day -to -day work (assuming that it is an office job) it will be enough to apply it on the face, neck, hands and arms.

How should be more attention.Unlike the other products of the grooming routine that we always say that very little amount is more than enough.With the sunscreen it is vice versa, a lot of quantity must be applied to be effective.What is that amount?Explaining it in a simple way, for the face you need the size of a 50 cents coin (approx.).For the arms and hands it will have to be twice as much amount that was used for the face.While, if you only wear the swimsuit, it will have to be a portion that covers almost half of your palm for the rest of the body.

The forgotten parts of sunscreen

Where and how to apply sunscreen?

Some of the parts that may be forgotten when applying the sunscreen are the ears, the eye contour and the neck, it is important to try to cover every centimeter of our skin to have effective protection.Mainly in areas of sensitive skin such as eyes and ears.

There is also the head, for those men who are fighting with hair loss-and they are not being victorious-it is also a must-have the SPF in exposed areas, that is, without the protection of the scalp.Next to this the hat or cap will be two indispensable allies.

Finally, the lips are also sensitive skin, so it is necessary to look for a balm of lips that include sun protection to keep this area protected.

It is important that we do not seek to generate a paranoia or terror to the sun's rays.It is a fact that are aggressive with the skin, but with a daily constancy in the use of sunscreen, it will be on the other side to avoid some negative consequence that may have over us.