What does Jennifer Lopez do before bed?Guapísimas

Jennifer Lopez in front of the mirror, in pajamas, makeup and with the jewels of the day still placed.What is proposed?Well, neither more nor less than telling all his followers (a select group of 181 million people) what he does when he gets home, before getting into bed.

The Bronx diva begins explaining the reason to combine his sleeping clothes with some gold earrings where a cocatúa could be hung.It is because the last thing that is removed are the beads.

If you want to see the video where your nightly routine (cosmetics) performs, go ahead, press the play.When you finish, we comment on the steps you have taken, which ones we buy and which do not.

How to make up and treat the skin at night Jennifer Lopez

In just six minutes and with four products, you go to sleep with a clean and treated skin, absolutely fabulous appearance.Because, this is sure not to escape you, JLo does not have that skin by chance.

The Glow only shoots when the skin is cleanly and daily cleaned.What then sets Serums of two hundred euros to shovels, as if they were to ban?Well, the same as well, but what is seen is above all a hundred percent oxygenated.

Don't miss how it does:

JLo's night routine, under examination

¿Qué es lo que hace Jennifer Lopez antes de acostarse? Guapísimas

Lopez does not seem fan of double cleaning, with a product is enough.A one in one, creamy texture, is the perfect product, according to: “It was very important for me that, in addition to cleaning the skin of the whole day, removes until the last drop of makeup.I put on a lot and daily, sometimes with several touch -ups throughout the day, so when I get home I am impatient for taking everything off.I like the product fast, in a single step ".

On the other hand, nothing would happen because he used the towel to tap to dry;It is not necessary to rub as if you wanted to tear off your skin.With the face, always des-pa-ci -to and soft-suggest.

With the face already re-aspos, Jennifer applies a few drops of her anti-age serum and supersonic cream on face and neck, reaching the neckline and shoulders.A applause for her.

The last product, the eye contour, uses it with great enthusiasm by gesturing that skin care experts do not usually recommend: put their finger on the container, with the risk of polluting the product.Better with spatula, which would say the doc of Tiktok.

Another unusual custom that carries out (although if she does it will be because that specific product is formulated for it) is to apply eye contour in the three eyelids: lower, mobile and superior.She herself insists: "Do not stay alone in the rooster leg area, put it for all your eye".

Normally this is not recommended for two reasons: one, that the mobile eyelid is fatty, so it does not allow good absorption, the product migrates, gets into the eyes and causes tearing, with the consequent morning swelling.

The second, that to penetrate well, you just have to put it in the area where you play bone, that is, where the crows and low-ze.

SPECIAL TIP: One thing that does and that we all share here is the trick of putting eye contour in the eyebrow.It is an area where many wrinkles of expression are formed and it is convenient to give their special pampering.Not only with eye contour but retinol or the transformative acid that best goes.

Thus Jennifer Lopez's skin is taken care of, counted by herself

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