This night mask is a hit at Sephora because it leaves lips soft and hydrated

But despite everything, you still have chapped lips... Sound familiar?

"The skin of the lips is much thinner than the rest of the body and does not have sweat or sebaceous glands. This means that it can dry out much faster than the skin on the face," explains Dr. Carmen Martín, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.

"There are many causes that can cause us to have dry lips. It could well be due to being subjected to high levels of stress, drastic changes in temperature or not drinking enough water. The truth is that these reasons are add others derived from situations such as constant lip licking, sun exposure, breathing through the mouth or as a consequence of other diseases, medical treatments or the use of acne medications", adds Dr. Antonio Licitra, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and director from Med-Estetic.

Dr. Martín points out that "prolonged use of the mask can also dry out the lips, since more sweating occurs in the area and excess perspiration leads to a lack of hydration and causes the lips to end up drying out."

This overnight mask is a hit at Sephora because leaves lips soft and hydrated

How to take care of the lips so that they look hydrated? "Applying a lip balm in the morning and at night will help nourish and protect the lips. Other home remedies, such as aloe vera, cocoa butter or cucumber, are also a perfect option to hydrate them," adds Dr. Licitra .

If you see that your lips need extra care, we have to talk about a product that remains the number one bestseller in the treatment category on Sephora's website.

This is the lip mask that's a hit at Sephora

Laneige's overnight lip mask is one of those products that we keep seeing on Instagram profiles of beauty prescribers and online reviews. 'Lip Sleeping Mask' is a product that goes beyond the classic lip balm: it is a cosmetic for night use (don't worry, it's not sticky) that has a sweet aroma of strawberry bubblegum.

It's easy: apply it at night and wake up with super-smooth, crack-free lips. Can you ask for more? The product accumulates 4.4 stars and more than 9,500 'reviews'. These are some of the comments:

Would you like to try this mask? It can be yours for 21.99 euros. To the basket!

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
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