The (expected) Christmas gift list 2021 of the editors of ¡Hi!

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

Finding the perfect gift for family, friends or even for ourselves is one of the most arduous tasks we face in these festive dates.Christmas is the perfect time to give or give us that whim we have been waiting for all year.From an iconic perfume, to a Beauty anti -aging routine, through fashion accessories, technological gadgets, decoration objects or, why not, a diamond jewel of those that will inherit our daughters, here are the list of gifts that the editors ofHELLO!They hope to find under your tree this year.

A perfume-joy for the (future) lovers of the classics

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

Get Tous's perfume-Joy

Giving a perfume can be a challenge, but with Loveme the Ossx Parfum it is assured.The fragrance has already become a universal icon and a must for the lovers of the firm (and those who begin to love it).With black orchid touches that make it irresistible, by uncovering this fragrance you will start your olfactory trip.

A beauty kit to beat the passage of time

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

Get the beauty ritual of Elizabeth Arden

What if you gave youth to the face?Elizabeth Arden's facial care line has the favorite beauty secrets of experts to stop the passage of time in your skin.With this Beauty routine of only three steps, you will get the results that you have been waiting for in record time.

Some earrings with a lot ‘charm’

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

La (esperada) lista de regalos de Navidad 2021 de las redactoras de ¡HOLA!

Sister, friend, mother ... the hoops are the earrings that fit with all kinds of women, whatever their personality, age and factions, with them it is impossible to fail.But when choosing a model, we op.Front finishes in first law, ring slopes have been decorated with two cubic zubic zirconitas bands in Pavé, one of them larger than the other.The gems of different sizes and the ingastes provide a contemporary tone to the classic ring pending carrying them to a new dimension.

The favorite boots and clogs of the supermodels

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

From Gigi Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski, fashionistas have it clear, some UGG under the tree are always a success.Specialized shoes for low temperatures that combine comfort with the latest trends.A hybrid between the usual boots and the fashion clogs that sweeps between the Streetstyle of the Top Models and that we want to do our.

A color dishes

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

The lovers of the good table know that as important as the menu is the presentation, and there the great protagonist is the dishes.This year the colors triumph, ideal for day -to -day food, or informal meetings with friends, such as the Rori collection of Kave Home.His "Vray period" tone, chosen pantone 2022, in a delicate lilac, will make your dishes monopate the looks of all your guests.Prepared to be the most cool host of the year?

A Beauty treatment to mimic

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

Giving beauty is always a success, because having a careful skin is essential and there is nothing like a good endosphere treatment to achieve it.The year begins with good foot and the best version of yourself.Endosphere gift cards offer the best Beauty treatments without pain or surgery guaranteeing visible results instantly.Because taking care of yourself is also a gift!

A jewel for life

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

Among the gifts of classic girls a timeless jewel cannot be missing.The ring of recharing from the Anniversary Love collection becomes the perfect piece to look at special moments and celebrate love.Made of 18 karat white gold with bright heart -shaped diamonds, it is strengthened as the favorite jewel to have in the jeweler and move from generation to generation.

A technological ally for the home

Los regalos favoritos de ¡Hola! para Navidad

Are you passionate about technology?This Christmas cannot be missing the Daikin MC55W air purifier on your desire list.Chosen product of the year 2022, it is the most discreet choice to purify the air and eliminate the environment of the environment.Also, following recent studies, its leading technology is effective even against COVID-19.With an elegant and compact design, its operation is so silent that it will go unnoticed in the home.

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