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Dry and cracked lips?We present the best Amazon products to take care and hydrate your lips daily: masks, balms, exfoliants ... and much more.

25 junio, 202000:15
Aleksandra Ivanova

We all like to look good and, at present, we have all the necessary products to get it.More and more people have incorporated into their daily routine a process of exfoliation and hydration of the skin and face.We bring you several products to take care of dry lips and hydrate them.

With these products you will eliminate dead skins from the lips and take care of them and hydrate in the face of possible damage caused by solar radiation or consumption of some foods.Get beautiful lips and forget about the dead skins that prevent you from finding the perfect result when making makeup up.

Sleeping mask for laneige lips

With this mask you will wake up every morning with hydrated lips as if they were those of a baby.Its night formula acts as a balm that moisturizes the lip area to the maximum, since it has powerful antioxidants that nourish and regenerate dry lips during rest hours.Among its main ingredients you will find a base of hyaluronic acid and minerals, which will provide a feeling of well -being and leave your soft lips of hydrated for a long time.This mask is ideal to apply it just before the lipstick, so the color duration will prolong.

Laneige mask

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15 collagen patches for lips

Los mejores productos para labios secos y agrietados

Get this pack of 15 collagen patches for dry lips and opaque.They will reduce the lines of wrinkles, will provide softer and firmer skin, improving hydration and protecting the area against premature aging.They will also remove dead skin cells, clarify and attenuate surface spots, so they will balance the skin tone.These masks contain water, glycerin, propylenglicol, collagen, glycerly, trehalose, mica, rose extract, allantoine, hyaluronic acid, silt and phenoxietanol.It is advisable to use these patches two or three times a week and for 30 minutes.

15 patches pack

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Carenel Berry night treatment

This mask is also an ideal night treatment to hydrate and cure your lips during sleep hours.Its combination of berries will eliminate the cracks from the lips, protect them against dryness and help rejuvenate the area.This treatment eliminates and cleanses dead cells and provides a refreshing sensation with a berries smell.In addition, this product is not sticky and has a weak fierce that does not overload.

Carenel Berry

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Mroobest lipstick

Mroobest Lip Mask contains a special formula with jojoba seed oil, rose and glycerin extract, natural ingredients.This mask is moisturizing, natural and vegan, perfect for dry and brittle lips, although it is also ideal for any person.This product is perfect for the constant peeling of the lips, caused by the lack of water.All these products will help your lips maintain their natural, healthy and juicy condition.Being a type of night moisturizer, you will leave your lips ready to apply any lipstick or pencil the next day.

Lip Sleeping Mask

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Barrym lip exfoliants

This former lip of the Barry M brand is ideal to achieve an extrastuave result at any time.It is composed of vitamin E and antioxidant olive oil, so they will avoid and cure possible damage.It also has avocado and jojoba oils perfect for softening and moisturizing.You simply have to rub the exfoliant in the lipstick and rinse with abundant water.

Exfoliant Barry m

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Exfoliants of Lipscrub mango lips

This exfoliant will eliminate dead cells and pleasantly stimulate the blood circulation of the skin.It contains oil waxes and waxes that will provide a softening, moisturizing and nutritious effect for the delicate skin of the lips.Jojoba oil is ideal for dry skin thanks to its moisture retention properties and also protects the corneal layer against the possible loss of water, but without an greased effect.It also has cocoa butter and wax bees.


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Elizabeth Arden repair balm

The formula of this repair balm is conditioned to strengthen the delicate lip hydration barrier.While moisturizing, provides softness and relief to the lips.Arnica oil repairs dry and cut lips and creates a protective film to avoid possible future damage.It also has other ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin A, honey extract and waterproof, which provide essential nutrients.

Elizabeth Arden

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