Telva How to take care of your skin from 45 years: the final manual

From 40, wrinkles and dryness become the main risks to the face.What do you need?Emollient creams, depigmenting and an eye contour.Plant yourself cosmetic with glycolic acid to accelerate cell renewal.We tell you how, when and where to take care of your skin in this decade.

At every decade a Beauty solution.We focus on mature skins, 45, to directly attack their weak points.Goal?Gain smoothness and luminosity, subtract the signs of fatigue and diminish stains and wrinkles.

Wrinkles and spots

"From this age, the wrinkles of the forehead, quot and the lip contour become evident.If you smoke, the Nasogenian groove will also be marked.The skin becomes fine due to dehydration and loss of essential nutrients.Age spots make their appearance in the form of large freckles that can extend to the neckline (if you have taken a lot of sun).Some women already accuse some of the 45 years of age (the volume of cheeks and cheekbones is lost), everything depends on genetics and beauty habits and care taught years before, "says Dr. Natalia Ribe, (

Lack of nutrition

On the other hand, Dr. Gabriel Serrano, a dermatologist at the University of Valencia and director of the Sesderma laboratories, points to nanotechnology and genocosmetic as primordial advances in advanced cosmetics to activate the genes of skin cells and thus prevent aging agingpremature."A serum, a depigmentant, a rich and emollient cream and an eye contour, must be basic of this age," he advises.As for primordial cosmetic ingredients we find glycolic acid, an exfoliant extracted from the fruits that accelerates the peeling of gray cells to promote cell renewal and stimulate young cells full of hydration.

Deep hydration

Telva Cómo cuidar tu piel a partir de los 45 años: el manual definitivo

To get clean, smooth and bright skin, you can opt for an immediate rejuvenation treatment, bleaching and booth in cabin. Te recomendamos Fire&Ice de IS Clinical, protocolo de referencia en la Red Carpet de Hollywood.Its objective is to calm redness and inflammations product of stress and pollution while moisturizing the face in depth thanks to the combination of several relaxing ingredients such as honey, papaya and green tea extract.After different steps such as deep cleaning, exfoliation mask and various massages that alternate cold and heat, the skin looks shining and without a trace of impurities.160.

Botox session

For years, botulinum toxin treatment to eliminate wrinkles from the upper third of the face, remains number one in aesthetic medicine.Applied with strategy and in its right measure, it allows you to relax the musculature in front, quot.You should know that there are only three toxins authorized by the European Medication Agency (EMA) and the American Agency (FDA);Vistabel, Azzalure and Bocouture.The latter, belonging to the Merz laboratories, has just presented at a World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Berlin two novelties present in its last injectable;It does not contain complex proteins (avoid having immune response to toxin, that is, generating long -term resistance) and does not need cold chain for storage."When applying the puncture, the area is not ironed (complaint expressed by many women) but rather relaxed naturally being able to gesture freely," says Dr. Anido.About 275 euros.


It is necessary to combine several infiltration techniques that are differentiated by the depth and speed of injection (hyaluronic acid and vitamins), according to the regions of the face.It begins with the "point by point" technique;deep intradermal injections (4 millimeters) and separated between 1 and 2 centimeters over wrinkles (neck, quotes, nasogenian groove, rooster legs, lipsticks) and in tensioning areas (mandibular arc and preauricular region).The rest of active ingredients are distributed by face, neck and neckline, using a surface intradermal infiltration technique with syringe or automatic gun by separating the punctures between 2 and 4 millimeters.An even more superficial application can also be chosen, at the "epidermal" level - procurement less than 1 millimeter - for good skin stimulation in a little painful way with "automated bursts" of eight impacts per second.After the session, a refreshing and calming action alginates mask applies.After a few days a bioestimulation and skin revitalization action is evident.Since 195 euros per session.