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Pollution, make-up, sweat... The skin accumulates on its surface all kinds of impurities, which create an occlusive film that prevents the skin from breathing. To reoxygenate it, it is necessary to get rid of that dirt. Powder peels achieve this by the fastest and gentlest way. And the best thing is that, since they lack water (the medium in which bacteria develop), they do not require any kind of preservatives.

The powder formula also guarantees a maximum concentration of active ingredients and prevents them from being diluted and lost. Galénic's contain four ingredients with different missions. The ones from Dermalogica, enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids. Both are mixed with water, applied in a circular motion, and rinsed off.

Powder. Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant (21.61 euros). Pureté Sublime Exfoliating Powder from Galénic (28.95 euros). / D.R.


Move on to the new scrubs!

Forget about balls, granites and brushes. Liquid peels are based on a combination of enzymatic ingredients that accelerate the natural exfoliation of the horny layer. The progressive intensity of Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo is intended as a 28-night treatment (the same number of nights it takes for the skin to renew itself naturally).

And it works in two phases: a first of preparation and another of concentration. Drops of Youth from The Body Shop, for its part, has a polymer, carbomer, on a base of basabú oil. When massaged, it acts like the balls, but in a more delicate way.

Liquids. Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel (79 euros). Drops of Youth Rejuvenating Liquid Peeling from The Body Shop (19 euros). / D.R.


They are specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Because if you have a reactive face, you already know that exfoliating without care means redness that lasts for hours, a greater tendency to irritation and even a reactivation of seborrheic activity and acne. You need gel formulas with minimal friction and soothing actives.

Ultra soft. Gentle Exfoliating Gel for Sensitive Skin from Avene (16.81 euros). Anti-Pollution Soft Exfoliating Gel from Bio Beauté by Nuxe (14.90 euros). / D.R.



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