Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria and Adele have starred in the most spectacular reinventions of confinement


For two months (and what still remains), we were torn from the routine and confined at home.Many, most, have continued teleworking more hours than ever and without time for boredom.However, others have encountered a lot of dead hours to fill and have taken refuge in the most unsuspected places: tutorials to make bread and cookies, cut and preparation or yoga;in Tiktok, trying to think about the most ingenious videobroma;or in streaming series.Some celebrities have surprised us with their initiative throughout these weeks: they have mutated professionally or personally in an unexpected direction.In fact, the three have viralized their new talents and have achieved new goals: Miley Cyrus, with an Instagram television program that exceeds those of traditional chains;Eva Longoria, with an ad orchestrated announcement with the only help of your mobile;And Adele, with a body metamorphosis that has a lot to do with your training and a diet specially designed for 'celebrities'.

Miley Cyrus has been a bombing and absolute revelation, so much that he has received offers from several channels to carry his show in Instagran, 'Bright Minded' (something like 'bright minds'), to television public.This is a live interview program for which the most important personalities and celebrities on the planet have paraded: from Elonton John to Elizabeth Warren.Reese Witherspoon, Hillary Duff and Dua Lipa spoke with Miley of Mental Health (of their anxiety), together with a specialist.Miranda Kerr and Ahsley Graham of the self -care that means beauty and fashion.It is incredible the number of relevant people who could gather thanks to their digital influence and personal thrust.

Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria y Adele han protagonizado las reinvenciones más espectaculares del confinamiento

Eva Longoria has also left us speechless with her gifts for video management, in addition to her naturalness when dealing with an issue that until this confinement was almost taboo: the gray hair.The 'desperate women' actress was able to orchestrate an advertisement for L’Oréal, the signature of which it is an image, with the only help of her mobile phone and at home.This is a minute and a half spot that will arrive in a reduced version to television.His experience with gray hair resonated in millions of women around the world.“For a while I thought:‘ Come gray, let's see us.I can with this ’.But no, I am not prepared for so much cano hair, ”he explains in his video, in which he ends up applying a spray to hide them instantaneously.Script, address, recording, light, sound, acting and assembly, all of her alone.

However, the most viral mutation we have seen on the planet celebrity has been Adele, who was photographed wearing her new silhouette.We know today that this transformation has been a long process in which training has had a central role (her 'staff trainer' has told Instagram how she helped her not to leave her sessions of an hour three times a week) and a dietVery concrete.This is the Sirtfood, devised by two nutritionists for one of the most exclusive gyms in London (to which Van Madonna or Daniel Craig).The thinning plan costs about 2.000 euros a week and so Pippa Middleton has done so.Restricts daily calorie intake up to 1.000 In the first week, with what enters the area of dangerous diets.Be careful with her.To follow Adele's steps, go to your own nutritionist.


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