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The inclement winter are suffered in multiple ways, one of them on the lips because, despite the fact that the use of the masks has contributed to forget about our smile for some time, our mouth still has much to say about how he wants theWe protect from the cold.

Lips and cold, bad couple.

But why do our lips suffer with low temperatures? What makes them go back to when the winter season arrives?This is how Dr. Tijon ESHO, Laureate Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, Harper’s Bazaar responds.

"Unlike facial skin, the lips have only three layers of thickWinter winds, or temperature and moisture changes in the environment ".

Information that complements Dr. José Maria Ricart well in statements to District Fashion: "The lips do not have melanin, or sweat glands, so they do not have a protective barrier".


"The result," continues the medical director of the Ricart Medical Institute in Ruber International, "are cracks and extreme dryness if they do not receive proper hydration".

Something that coincides with Dr. Daniel Glass, dermatologist and consultant at The Dermatology Clinic: "The keratin that forms the upper layer of the skin of the lips, loses its flexibility and that is why they crack and become scamcous and sore", he states in statements to The Guardian.

In the same line is pronounced Dr. Melissa Piliang, by Cleveland Clinic, in her "Health" section, explaining that "the lips can be dried ten times faster than the rest of our skin, so it is so important to use additional protection".

Labios y sus cuidados durante el invierno - Los Angeles Times

This expert also points out that, "when the cold arrives we take measures to cover our body, but too often the last thing we warm is our mouth, leaving the lips exposed to the harsh winter conditions".

How to protect your lips.

And now that we know why the lips suffer in winter, how can we avoid it?Is there any way to protect them?The answer, according to experts, is in a star product: lip cocoa.

"Using it constantly is one of the few addictions that does not go to health," Dr. Elena Ramos, a pharmacist specialized in dermocosmetic and director of the Beauty Center The Secret Lab tells Telva.

In fact, José María Ricart says that "it is essential, regardless.

Another specialist, Dr. Sam Buting, dermatologist, gives The Guardian the keys to the lip balm that we choose: "That has emollient properties, that smokes the surface of the skin and acts as an occlusive agent, retaining moisture".

In addition, this expert advises to avoid some ingredients: "as camphor and menthol, that create a pleasant tingling sensation when they apply, but that can irritate and make the lips, paradoxically, dry with use".

Thus, Dr. Piliang advises “buying a couple of lip balms, placeing one next to Lacam.

Tijon Esho goes further and provides more tips: “Being well hydrated through a good diet, using a humidifier at night, not putting the heating too high, reducing the duration of the shower and avoiding those cleaners that strip the skinof natural humidity ".

What we should never do.

And, as there are products and routines that can help us with our lips, there are also behaviors that we should avoid if we do not want to contribute to the dryness and winter cracks.

The first one: Do not lick your lips.It can be contradictory, but experts like Daniel Glass explain it: “Many patients who have cracked lips.Doing doing it can eliminate the oily superficial film that protects the lips from moisture loss, which makes them crack ”.

In addition, this expert points out that "the digestive enzymes of saliva can also irritate the lips".

Something that Melissa Piliang coincides "enzymes are destined to digest food ... Once you lick your lips, you make them dry faster".

And he points out more things to avoid doing: "It is preferable not to rub the lips or remove the skin that is peeling with the teeth or fingers," says Piliang, since "cracks and sores are created on the lips".

Instead, Dr. Esho advises exfoliation with adequate products and without exceed".

Experts also remember the importance of lip cocoa has spf factor: "The lips are also vulnerable to the sun, pigmentations and skin cancer," says ESHO.And, also for Harper’s Bazaar, the chemist Bruce Green is secreted: "Sun exposure can also cause deep lines and thin lips".

So you know: prevention, lip cocoa, and healthy habits are the best allies to take care of the lips in this and all winters.