Lifestyle Lifestyle Do not make this mistake any more!: The correct order in which you must apply the SKIN CARE products

¿Puedo aplicar un aceite natural a la piel si uso una crema hidratante todos los días? ¿Cuándo aplicar el sérum? ¿Es importante el tónico? Sin mencionar el exfoliante, ¿debo usarlo antes o después de lavarme la cara? El orden en el que aplicas los productos es muy importante, ya que de hacerlo correctamente, tu piel y además verás los resultados que esperas. Descubramos entonces, cuál es el orden correcto en el que debes aplicar los productos skin care.Lifestyle Lifestyle ¡No cometas más este error!: el orden correcto en el que debes aplicar los productos skin care Lifestyle Lifestyle ¡No cometas más este error!: el orden correcto en el que debes aplicar los productos skin care

The correct order in which you must apply Skin Care products

There is a lot of talk about what are the best products for skin care and its ingredients.Yes, the ingredients are important, but there is another factor that greatly affects the effectiveness of cosmetics: the order in which you apply them.Even the best serum in the market will not work 100% if you don't know how and when to use it.

Why should I look at the order in which I apply skin care products?

Now you are probably wondering if it is true that the order of the products is so important and if something really changes if for example you put the cream first and then the serum.You can know that yes: the order of application really makes a difference.Think about it, you can't expect a product to work as promised in the package if you apply it at the wrong time.In most cases it is our fault that a cosmetic does not work as it should, because we apply it badly.If you use the products in the correct order, they will be more deeply absorbed in the skin without leaving oil or dirt waste.In addition, the skin receives a condensed amount of substances that are absorbed by all its layers.

In this way, before rushes and start applying everything at once, reduces speed and thinks about the correct order in which skin care products are applied.Creating a simple and functional skin care routine requires little time and allows you to obtain more results than you would get if you do not look at the order to follow.

Underbilling oil

Lifestyle Lifestyle ¡No cometas más este error!: el orden correcto en el que debes aplicar los productos skin care

The initial step is to clean the face and remove with an oily formula product.You can use normal beauty oil (or natural oil or a mixture of oils), babies or cleaning milk.Cleaning your face in this way will even eliminate the most rebel impurities in the skin, pick up the excess sebum and dissolve dirt and makeup.

Water or micellar lotion

The second step of facial cleaning is to use a more delicate product that owes its action to the micelles, very effective molecules to eliminate impurities.Moisten a cotton with a little micellar lotion and pass it on your face, you will eliminate the impurities that the oil could not take.


Once your face is clean, you need to use a tonic.You can use regular or natural tonic that has herbs among your ingredients.When applied to the skin, irritation relieves and balances the pH of the skin.


The first moisturizer for the skin you must apply is serum.As an effect it is the strongest of all and penetrates more deeply than other products, so it is necessary to apply it first, otherwise other products can block the effects of serum.


Once your face has completely absorbed the serum, you can add a cream.You must use mainly to prevent the skin from losing hydration and to "catch" the nutrients that you have already contributed to your face with the serum.Facial creams create an occlusive veil in the face and take care of the outermost layer of the skin, that is, the epidermis.

Eye contour cream

You should also use a eye cream with your facial cream, since it is softer and softer for the sensitive skin of the eyes.This product helps prevent sagging and wrinkles, improves the elasticity of the skin and illuminates it.

When to apply masks, ampoules and sunscreen?

The order in which you apply your Skin Care products can change if you want to introduce extra cosmetics such as masks, ampoules, oils and sunscreen.When should I apply them to obtain the results you want?

You can use masks and roads once a week, instead of the serum, before putting the moisturizer.Both products provide nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin, which means that they greatly help improve the skin condition.However, if it is natural oils, you can use them after washing your face or instead of the cream, but be careful.First you need to find an adequate oil for your skin type and not only to achieve an antibacterial effect.Then you can enjoy it, protect your skin from the loss of moisture and see it shine.Do not forget that you also need sunscreen, that you can use instead of a moisturizer or immediately after applying it.Protection is important not only in summer, but also in summer, so you never stop applying it.

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