How to wash tennis?Infallible guide to clean them

Tennis are common footwear, because they provide comfort and anyone can use them.But no matter how careful, this type of footwear is easily dirty.How to wash tennis?Here are an infallible guide to clean them correctly.

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When walking we are never found with a puddle, dust or even food that falls to the ground, which favors the tennis to get dirty quickly.

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There is not a single answer to this issue, because everything will depend on the frequency of use and what they are used for.

The general recommendation is that if used frequently, let's try to wash tennis every two weeks.This can be ideal in the case of, for example, the tennis that children use during the week to go to school.

If the same tennis are used every day, the ideal will be to wash them every week, although it is best to have at least two pairs of footwear to alternate and do not lose their shape or wear so fast.

In case you use only tennis, one washed every month can be enough.

How to wash the tennis correctly so that they do not mistreat?

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Knowing how much to wash the tennis will avoid a bad smell and that bacteria develop that damage your health, but it is important that you know how to wash the tennis correctly so that they do not mistreat and last more.Take note of the following tips:

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1.The washing machine is not the best option

Although it gives a lot of laziness carving by hand or with the help of a brush the tennis, it is the best option, because putting them to the washing machine leaves them clean, but makes them mistreat or deform permanently.

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Use a soft brush to carve a little and get the dirt better, then rinse perfectly with clean water.

Never use chlorine, especially if your tennis are color, because the material can be damaged or stained.

4.Sécalos correctly

The best way to dry your tennis is to put them in the shade so as not to affect their color, with the sole down.

If you do not want them to deform, you can put some periodic paper inside so that they remain firm while dried.

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5.Complements with a deodorant spray

In case you sweat a lot of the feet and your tennis they acquire a bad smell quickly, the ideal is that after washing, you apply a special deodorant spray for footwear.If you always wash your tennis, they will be clean and without bad smells.

Now that you know how to wash the tennis and the right way to do so, you can give them adequate care to last longer, they look impeccable and without bad smells.

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