First it was Zara and now Fendi confirms the most daring trend: bright applications on the face

    Haute Couture week continues its course in Paris. Everything there revolves around the fashion show calendar and big brands such as Dior, Chanel -with a spectacular Charlotte Casiraghi on horseback- or Schiaparelli have already presented their proposals for next spring-summer. On this catwalk we find the most original looks by the designers, since it is in these collections -aware that they are not designed to be worn on the street- where they apply an extra dose of creativity.

    And this creativity can not only be appreciated in the pieces shown, for them a certain and careful beauty look is thought that accompanies and reinforces the message that is to be transmitted. For example, in previous days we saw how Dior opted for a marked white eyeliner on clean skin and Stéphane Rolland used hairstyles that cleared the face to give facial expression a leading place.

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    This Thursday, January 27, it was Fendi's turn to present a collection that mixes fantasy and reality to land in a present "from another world", according to the firm itself explains on its Instagram account. This collection explores the historical codes of Rome, within a futuristic framework that defies time and space.

    This aesthetic was also reflected in the beauty look chosen for the parade, one of the most striking of those that have been presented on the catwalk. The models have paraded with their faces covered with shiny applications on a face in which color did not stand out. Peter Phillips, makeup artist who has been in charge of creating this look, explains it this way: "Kim Jones showed a collection full of strength for Fendi Haute Couture, set in a futuristic decoration. The girls walked fierce and regal. Wang Guido created high gloss hairstyles. For makeup we went for bejeweled faces, luminous nude skin with a brushed brow, a soft blush, some pearly highlights. Thank you Youri and my team for a great job."

    First it was Zara and now Fendi confirms the most daring trend: shiny applications on the face

    On this basis, explained by the make-up artist, the most special touch was given by the applications of Swarovski crystals that the models wore distributed all over their faces "randomly", according to Phillips. These crystals provided sparkles that came to life with the movement of the models on the catwalk.


    However, the fact of placing three-dimensional elements on the face is not totally new. And it is curious that it has been a low cost firm that has been ahead of the catwalk. Zara presented its Glitter Boom collection last December, a make-up launch for the Christmas dates, in which glitter played a leading role. In addition to all the glitter products, the Galician firm put up for sale a pack of adhesive pearls to be placed on the face, as a complement to makeup.

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    And it is that for some time, after years surrendering to neutrality and earth colors, makeup is turning towards much more creative looks with trends such as floating eyeliner, pastel colors and now three-dimensional applications. Something that is impossible not to connect, among other factors, with the success of Euphoria, the fiction in which makeup takes an important place.

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