The dog ‘dico’ returns home almost seven years later

Dico had a year and three months when it was lost, in 2015.This German shepherd resided with his owner in the town of Albolote (Granada) and, although he never stopped looking for him, who was his owner died months later without being able to find his pet.Almost seven years later, Dico was sighted wandering along a road near Iznalloz, also in Granada, and half an hour of what was his house.The person who ran into him, fortunately, is Pepa Tenorio, a lover "of a lifetime" of animals in general and of dogs in particular.Most would have passed by, but not her.Pepa discovered that Dico was not any dog.And a few days later, the networks turned the story into viral.

Outside the world of veterinarians, few people wear a microchips reader in the car.Pepa yes.Just as it carries in the trunk, he counts, "food cans, blankets, some necklace, etc.".Anyway, Pepa goes well, explains, in case you find dogs on the street.In fact, while talking with the country, he interruits the conversation to open a can to a dog that has approached him.On Monday, on the road that takes Iznalloz, he decided to stand before a dog that, he says, “at least 15 kilos were missing;He was very thin, even if he was not noticed by long hair ".When the microchips reader passed, a number appeared and Pepa immediately called a veterinarian.This went to the Andalusian Animal Identification Registry (Raia), which showed the animal's history."This dog disappeared in 2015 and its owners denounced their loss and keep looking for it," said the veterinarian to Tenorio.

From there, the story becomes especially sentimental.The veterinarian called the family who was looking for him and this, in turn, called Pepa Tenorio.The networks have made the rest.Tenorio published a video in which he told the story and announced that he was going to give the dog to his owner.Or unfortunately, the son of its owner.

El perro ‘Dico’ regresa a casa casi siete años después

Dico, believes Pepa, has been at someone's house "but they haven't taken care of it well".When he found it, in addition to malnutrition, paint spots on his ears.She, just in case, approached carefully and offered one of the food cans of her reserve.The dog was hungry and approached.He put a necklace and put it in the car.Now, Pepa remembers this encounter as the most emotional of his life ... "And I have found a few abandoned dogs in my life, yes," he recalls.

Jose is the owner's son and, at this point, he is exceeded by the dimension that the story has taken.He has already decided not to talk to the media.In statements to Canal Sur Televisión, very excited, he acknowledged that the reunion with Dico represents "much happiness for the family because the dog was very important to us but above all for my father".And he continues: "It had a very bad time in recent months without the animal".The interview concludes with a premonition from his father who has ended up being fulfilled.When he was with him, everyone did Cucamonas to Dico and, his son tells him: "This dog will become famous, you'll see".And famous, or viral that is called now, it has been done.

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The importance of the chip

Dico would not be with his family if his owner had not put him when he was adopted by a microchip.The microchip is not a whim, but an obligation in Spain.It is a small device, which is placed under the skin of the animal, which does not bother the dog and cannot be falsified.And that, sometimes like those of Pepa Tenorio and Dico, give great joys.