10 cosmetic tools that make life easier

Teresa of Ciervael

There are small things that become big because they make your life easier. I tell you some of those great little things that I don't want to live without!

1. Support to support your fingers when you polish your nails.

How many times have you painted the tip of your finger when you are doing your nails? I infinite. That's why I love Studio Nails Easy 2 Polish by essence, a support to support the nails and apply the polish without fear of staining. In addition, the base is made of a non-slip material so that it does not slip on the surface that we use for this process. €2.49 at Maquillalia and El corte Inglés

2. Anti-shine pieces of paper on the “mustache”

Although they are nothing new, when very hot (or very nervous) days begin, it is a good idea to throw a packet of Mattifying Oil Control Paper by Catrice into your bag. They are applied to the face in the areas where the shine appears (or the telltale beads of sweat), and instantly they disappear without drying out the skin. Potagia magic. €3 for a pack of 50 sheets, at Catricey El corte Inglés

3.SOS deodorant for the pocket

Another one of those "must" when Lorenzo starts to squeeze: the Top Secret XSmall Deodorant Wipes. They don't take up any space (you can even carry them in your bag or pocket) and they will avoid more than one awkward situation. €1.95 in Douglas perfumeries.

4. Mascara that makes normal ones waterproof.

I am one of those who do not like waterproof masks because they are more difficult to remove make-up. And they don't usually have appetizing colors (this year I have decided to make up my eyes green, navy blue, purple...). But there are times when I wish they were (I've missed them at more than one funeral). That's why I've noticed Catrice's Waterproof Top Coat that transforms any mascara into waterproof (and tear resistant!). It has a gel texture and is simply covered with a transparent film that seals the pigment of any “mascara”. €4.99 at Beautik, Maquibeauty and El corte Inglés

5. Eyebrow scissors that save you a lot of bald spots.

The eyebrows have regained a leading role that they did not have for a long time. It is no longer worth waxing them. They must also be trimmed and well combed. And for the first thing, nail scissors are not worth it. I tried it and got a bald spot that I'm still struggling to hide!! That is why I am passionate about the Tweezerman scissors, designed so that they can rest on the ciliary bone, and you can advance with them through the eyebrow, as if you were "pruning" them. This sounds very easy, it is not at all. I tell you how to do it: comb the eyebrows upwards with the little spiral brush that is sold with the scissors; Next, place the scissors on the eyebrow bone and cut the ends of the excess hair, being very careful not to overdo it; and carry out the same operation, but this time combing the eyebrow downwards. When they are ready, brush following the natural line of the hair. The kit costs €24.50 at El Corte Inglés, Douglas Perfumeries, Pharmacies and the Zwilling store (Carrer del Pi 16, Barcelona).

6. Cuts cuticles that doesn't pull skin.

Another tool that has me in love. I discovered it because I was given a Tweezerman Mini Manicure Rescue Kit (I always carry it in my bag), which includes a mini file, a mini skin pusher with double function (pusher and cleaner) and the aforementioned cuticle cutter. It has the shape of a tweezers and the sharpness and angle of its tips allow cuticles, hangnails and dead skin to be removed with a clean cut, without pulling the skin (or making wounds). And it can be used by both right and left handers. Since I got it, pliers have died for me! The kit costs €21.50 (although the cuticle cutter can be purchased separately) at El Corte Inglés, Douglas Perfumeries, Exclusive Perfumeries, Pharmacies and the Zwilling store (Carrer del Pi 16, Barcelona).

7. Kit with the 7 essential brushes.

The number of times I've used the powder brush to spread the blush, or the shadow brush to blend the eyeliner. All to save. But I don't need it anymore. I have a Vanity Compact Set that includes all the essential brushes (almost all natural hair) to make up my face, lips and eyes. These are: powder brush; angled blush brush; brush to blend liquid or creamy makeup (this one has a mixture of natural and synthetic hair); brush to blend the pencil eyeliner along the lash line; circular shadow brush with rounded cut, to access the eye socket; flat-shaped brush with a rounded cut, to apply loose pigments and gradually build the color on the eyelids; and concealer brush, designed to spread the concealer in the area under the eyes and liquid or cream shadows (it is made of synthetic hair). The brushes are arranged in “compartments” inside the case and I still have room to carry some shadows, my blush, a stick… The set costs €24.95 at the Makeup Outlet

8. Mesh to protect the brushes.

Another thing that has always caused a lot of anger: that makeup brushes “open” when you wash them. And let them lose their hair for wearing them loose in the toiletry bag. So that this does not happen, there are the protective covers Brush Covers. They also serve to prevent them from becoming deformed with washing. How to use? After washing the brush, drain it, shape it with your fingers, put the protective mesh on it (by the handle and up to the hair) and let it dry flat or upside down in a glass. The package with several costs €3.95 at the Makeup Outlet

9. Sponge to blend makeup.

Doesn't it make you nervous to be talking to someone who wears poorly spread makeup? I feel an irresistible desire to pass them my Perfect Blender sponge, which is used to distribute the makeup on the skin without leaving a single "glob". The truth is that until very recently I used the Beauty Blender, which is the original. But they just gave me this "copy" and the truth is that it is the same, and three times cheaper. It's made latex-free (so you won't get allergies) and its rimless, pointed shape makes it easy to access the wings of your nose or eyes for perfect blending. To use it, soak it in water (it doubles its size) and drain it. And it works the same for fluids as for powders. In fact, the result with the latter is more surprising. We are used to applying them with a brush, and when the sponge is used, the skin is more "polished". €6.50 at the Makeup Outlet. PS: You can also try it to apply self-tanner, which they say (I haven't tried it) spreads it wonderfully.

10. Scrunchie that doesn't “cut” my hair.

When summer arrives I always remember Invisibobble, a hair tie that doesn't leave a “mark” on my hair, nor does it cut it. It seems like a silly accessory but I, who always wear a ponytail when I go to the beach and swim in the sea, can't stand that when I let my hair down afterwards, the wave of the rubber band is left on me. And neither, that I get tangled hairs and they cut me. With what it costs me now to grow my hair! So, another accessory, to the basket of my essentials. €4.95 in Makeup Outlet

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