This simple gesture will save you money in light when you go on vacation

With the price of light more shot than ever, make the suitcase and key the door will not be the only thing we will have to take before we go on vacation.This year it is also convenient.Thus, unplugging the electrical appliances of your home has become the most important thing to cross out of the task list.

The cost that our houses can generate while we are out is something that we completely ignore, but much of the appliances that we leave plugged in our absence continue to consume KWH.This has been corroborated by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), which has calculated how much the appliances that are left plugged during the holidays will spend.Conclusion: You have to complete them completely.


The standby has ceased to be enough

Those red lights that surround you when everything is dark at home is an indication that your devices are ready to get on quickly, but also - and the most important thing in this case - that they continue to consume.All these appliances that are in standby can be about 10% of the energy consumed by a home.Therefore, it is important that you go around all the rooms before leaving and extinguish all these lights.

In addition to this, you must keep in mind that there are electronic devices that continue to consume energy even when they are deactivated since they remain connected to the network.This is the case of computers, air conditioners, mobile loaders, tablets ... that continue to use your network kWh.

The products that spend the most

Este simple gesto te ahorrará dinero en luz cuando te vas de vacaciones

The refrigerator is the domestic apparatus that consumes the most energy.This represents 18% of the total electricity consumption of households and 30% of what we spend on appliances since, although its power is not high, it has continuous use.Energy consumption will be more efficient if it is placed in a cool, ventilated and away place.

The TV usually uses many hours, so it is a high energy consumption (up to 12% of electricity).The fastest and effective thing is to have a current distributor with a switch where both television and speakers and other elements are plug.In this way, we can turn off the common switch of all of them when television is not going to be seen.

The washing machine could reach 11% of home consumption since an average of 3 and 5 times a week is used.The highest consumption comes at the time of heating water, so it is always recommended to use programs with low temperatures if clothing is not excessively dirty.On the other hand, the load must.

Small appliances

Disconnecting previous appliances can become complex.For example, the refrigerator must empty it before be able to unplug him.It is easier to disconnect small appliances such as coffee makers or toasters.The OCU indicates that the batteries loaders should even be removed from the plugs.

Unplug the electrical panel

Unplug each device, one after another, and then plug them back, it can end up being tedious.Therefore, according to the recommendations of the OCU, a good option is to disconnect some of the household circuits in the electrical control panel.In this way, electrical risks are minimized and ghost consumption is avoided.In addition, we can also leave closed gas and water keys to avoid unnecessary consumption and possible hazards.

Control consumption at a distance

If even following all these steps, you do not stay calm when leaving home, you can have control over the global consumption of your home thanks to the digital invoice.To do this, you will only have to download the electricity company app and you can see how much light your house is consuming every hour and every day.

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The other side of the coin