This is the week that celebrates online purchases and you are invited with just one click

vogue para privalia
Vogue Shopping Week presentado por Privalia está por comenzar: una semana de ofertas con las marcas más exclusivas ideales para regalar (o regalarte). Conoce más, que todo el lujo está a un click de ser tuyo.

Por CNXEsta es la semana que celebra las compras por internet y estás invitado con solo un click Esta es la semana que celebra las compras por internet y estás invitado con solo un click

I wish fulfilled!Just before starting that time of exchanges and finding that longing gift under the tree, Privalia, the number one e-commerce site in Mexico, has organized a week that celebrates the most exclusive purchases and firms at a price that you will hardly resist you.Because when we talk about those gifts (or self -gifts) that are around our mind, the fact of leaving the empty wallet is not at discussion, so we know more about this exciting bet called: Vogue Shopping Week.

Fashion and the digital world, without a doubt, have linked their powerful hands and today it is unthinkable not to resort to a web platform to acquire that garment or complement that is not only an outburst to follow a trend, currently every investment we make inThe fashion universe must be an extension of our personality.This situation has been well known and executed by Prives.

From Salvatore Ferragamo, and his legacy in the art of manufacturing luxury footwear, to contemporary sophistication shaped by Michael Kors, through the excellence of other luxury brands that have served in the most exclusive events, Privalia knows howOf the brands offered in its digital site, positioning itself as the destiny of fashionistas who, with that ability to be aware before increasing a considerable sum of money, surf the web looking for the opportunity to find that object of desire at an attractive price.

Esta es la semana que celebra las compras por internet y estás invitado con solo un click

Prepare your list of loved ones to spoil this season and show your radar in Vogue Shopping Week presented by Privalia from next December 9 to 15 through its well -known platform.What can we expect this week to celebrate fashion?Only the best firms with discounts that can reach up to 70%, and without you have doubts, continue reading because these tips (brands included) will be very helpful before giving the final purchase click.

Without thinking much, and if your budget is aimed at an article that you can carry in a versatile way regardlessjust carrying it. Por otro lado, en el segmento de las firmas de moda como Tommy Hilfiger, EA7, Scotch & Soda, Levi’s, Abercrombie & Fitch o United Colors of Benetton encontrarás ese básico de armario que posee el desenfado y la versatilidad para mezclarla con piezas sartoriales, como un traje de dos piezas o abrigos; o bien, consentir a varios miembros de tu familia o amigos con estas firmas que son sinónimo del estilo de vida sin complicaciones.

If you have a solid closet, but you are always looking for that distinctive detail that only connoisseurs know howIt will only be to choose one, since with the attractive prices and the classical nature of these brands, you will surely want to buy more than one piece.

Finally, makeup, well -being and sports brands arrive to offer us those arrows that not only seek well -being in us, they also do so extensive to those who receive them.Hence, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Puma, Adidas Originals and Under Amour conquer us in that detail to beautify our face or prepare us to start that sports routine with all the style that Privalia has for us for us.Do not forget to connect from this December 9 to 15 and live Vogue Shopping Week as a connoissee of the art of buying.