They are similar, but they are not the same, what do I imitation brands say?

Mexico.- In "Martha Debayle on W", Claudia Cándano, editor of Instyle magazine.(@claudiacandano) He tells you that they say the marks imitation

Roman artisans identified their ceramics and crafts with seals.In the nineteenth century Hegel spoke of the dress as an intermediary of our body to 'distinguish himself' and 'tell something ’

• 80% of online hermes products are false (Patrick Thomas, dir.Gral.)Mexico• Mexico es el segundo lugar en consumo de productos imitacióno Ingreso anual de 75mil millones de Dólareso Está debajo de EEUU, con el triple de ganancias.Survey of the College of Public Image Consultants,2014: Women, on Imitation Bags • • 60% of the surveyed would like to have an original bag •34% of those surveyed would not be willing to buy imitations

or 18% would, if the difference between the original and the copy was not noticed.or 16% would not, for fear of being "discovered" or3% would do so regardless of whether the difference was noticed or3% would not do it for indifference to the "brand" products is not just a problem in America: in Europe(Europa Citizen Forum,2012) • Spain is the fourth country of the European Union where more falsified products are intercepted, only surpassed by Germany, Italy and Greece

• 12.4% of consumers over eighteen years

• Half (53.1%) know someone who does it frequently.How much Europeans spend on imitations?With the consumption of falsifications "

• It is estimated that since2004, falsifications have eliminated more than one million jobs in the European textile and accessories sector

 our clothing, once the basic needs are covered, it works as “external signage”, as social scientists call it: transmit to others what we are through what we wear

Son parecidas, pero no son iguales, ¿qué dicen de ti las marcas imitación?

 brands are, therefore, a distinction feature but also of mimicry and differentiation, simultaneously.Why is piracy.The name, history and material are those that make them so expensive.Piracy can offer cheap things because use cheap materials that will last very little.Cero Guarantee: Cheap is expensive.When you buy things in the street or online in doubtful places it is very likely that what compres will be of very poor quality.Imitations will never respond for damage.Elence: in tastes genres are broken, but in this program we believe that the less logos bring, the better you see yourself.The clothes, bags, shoes have to be as discreet as possible, there is no father who looks like a traveling mannequin. What do you want to project?: If you bring a bag simulating another one that is worth 50 thousand pesos you can see ridiculous.People who work with you, your friends and family know that your economic situation is another, and they will realize that you would have had to work all year to buy a bag like that. What is your reality: land in your reality and wear clothes and accessories according to it.You don't have to appear to have what you don't have, don't press so much.“We Buy Things We Don't Need With Money We Don't Have To Impress People We Don't Like.”How to recognize whether original or pirate? The place where they sell it and the price are red spotlights to detect a pirate bag, clock or clothing.The most exclusive firms only sell their boutique products and authorized stores.If it is not enough and you still have doubts about how to know if a product is original or pirate here are several indicators: 1.Ask for an authenticity certificate.All "good" brands give you a paper or card that guarantees that what you are buying is original.This paper is important not only to validate the product, but also for the brand to respond in case what compres breaks or has any damage.2.Look at the Logos.Pay attention to external and internal logos.Imitations usually fail by copying patterns and monograms, and have errors following geometry and distances between letters and symbols.3.Closures and seams: clothing and especially pirate bags have very bad quality closures.Even if at first glance the closure looks the same, look at the seams.The auctions of the original bags are made with great care, while those of the imitations are badly made, there are crooked and frayed.4.Look for the serial number: many brands put on serial numbers of their bags, imitations have nothing. ¿Entonces qué me compro?Zara, H&M, Forever21, entre otras pueden tener cosas monas y a precios muy accesibles.Many times your designs are inspired by seasonal trends, so if you are looking for sure you find something.Think about fashion as an investment: for most mortals buy brand bags and clothes each season is impossible, so you have to think about what to buy.First analyze which colors you use more and what kind of clothes are in your closet, it is not a good idea to buy a very expensive green bag if you do not have it to wear it.The classics: you have to invest in things that never go out of style and they will always see each other well.It is worth saving to buy things that you love and that you are going to use for many years.(A Coat Burberry, a pearl necklace or a classic black channel bag are good examples).And if I die from a brand bag but it is very expensive..

There are many Internet pages that sell original second -hand products.You can find bags, shoes and clothing in excellent condition at much lower prices than in stores.Make sure it is a serious place, and verify who the seller is and what guarantee gives you the page

The options: Affordable Luxury Brands: They are luxury brands at accessible prices

• Kate Spade: You have clothes and mainly bags and accessories.With less than a thousand prisoners you can buy from feathers and mobile covers to bracelets and rings. Las bolsas rondan los3000 pesos

• Michael Kors: clothing, shoes, watches and especially bags, all at relatively low prices. Con 5000 pesos puedes comprar una cartera y una bolsa, y con3000 pesos un reloj o un buen vestido.• Coach: It is the luxury brand Low-Cost par excellence. Zapatos, botas, lentes y bolsas, con3000 pesos te puedes comprar una bolsa o un par de tenis.Luxury Brands: Luxury brands par excellence • Louis Vuitton: the classic monogram and white and white squares have multiplied as a plague in recent years.If you also want yours, you can find the classic Speedy or the Never Full from 15000 pesos and from there they can climb up to 50,000 pesos or more

• Chanel: The closet of all "fashionista" has at least one classic Chanel bag.You can find summer espadrilles at 8000 pesos, but the bags begin from 60,000 pesos

• Balenciaga: They have no logos but it is easy to recognize them for closures and some details. Estas bolsas empiezan a venderse desde25,000 pesos• Gucci: la marca italiana tiene de todo, bolsas, zapatos, lentes...I recommend checking the belts.You can find some models from 5000 pesos.The bags go up, but the most accessible begin from 15,000 pesos